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Gifts for Your Favorite Homebrewer

Jeremy Short · Dec. 14


If you're not a homebrewer but you want to get a gift for a homebrewer you might have no idea where to start. So start here! Here is a list of a few things that most hombrewers would enjoy getting under the Christmas tree. Well, at least, these are gifts I would like to see under the Christmas tree. All of these gifts are fairly universal and would be great for everyone from the beginner to the advanced homebrewer.

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Star San Sanitizer!


Oh wow, how boring. True, this may not be the most exciting gift, but like the socks and t-shirts that your mom stuffs into your stocking every year this is something that will be used. Star San is a great sanitizer and something I always need. If you're the practical gift buyer get this; it's easy and it will be used. You can also toss in some PBW (Powdered Brewery Wash) which is a great cleaner and possibly less exciting than Star San. I would love either of these gifts, personally.


AHA Membership AHA Membership!


This is much more exciting than the previous idea. With an American Homebrewers Association membership you get discounts to pubs, your get the always awesome Zymurgy magazine, and best of all you get early access to Great American Beer Festival tickets. For $38 this is a slam dunk cool gift for a homebrewer. You also get a cool membership card. Who doesn't like cool membership cards?


Refractometer Refractometer!


A whoza whatza?! Geek out your homebrewer with the coolest way to measure specific gravity. This is actually on the top of my list of wants. Why? This cool little device can help you measure the sugar content of your wort without taking a large sample. It also looks totally rad. Seriously, look how badass that things looks. One great advantage of this little tool is that it makes doing check ups on your fermentaing beer way easier: instead of pulling a large sample of your beer for a hydrometer just take a couple of drops and use your refactometer. This is a total show-and-tell gift.


A Growler!


While this is a great gift for anybody, it's a really great gift for your homebrewing friends that keg their beer. See, kegged beer can be a serious pain to bring to parties, but the growler solves all that by being a very useful way to take your tapped beer anywhere. I have one and I could always use another. Growlers come in many shapes and all of them are great, but the one linked to here with the flip top and handle is super sexy and well worth the extra dollar bills.


Chill Wizard A Chill Wizard!


Okay, this might be a bit pricey. Wait, hold that, this is very pricey. And since it's pricey that means it's totally AWESOME. Seriously, this thing will chill down a crap load of boiling wort in no time while injecting O2. Holy crap, that is sooo rad. If you would like to buy this for me, please do. I will even send you a thank you card.


SABCO Brewsystem Brew-Magic V350MS System!


You know those dumb Lexus commercials where some jackass gets a new Lexus for Christmas with a big red bow? This is the equivalent level of gift in the hombrewing world. The V350S (kind of sounds like the name of a Lexus) is a beast of a system that does everything. You can run a small scale commercial brewery with one of these. Holy crap, I dream about this system in my sleep. Yes, I used the phrase "holy crap" to describe both of the SABCO items and I don't regret it at all. And did you notice? It even has wheels. Wheels! Yes, please.





 I know this list is coming a little late in the gift buying season, but I usually wait until the week before Christmas anyway. I've linked to for most of these Items which is a great online store, but I do suggest looking up a local homebrew shop and supporting someone near you. Just like craft beer, the best place to buy this stuff from is someone in the neighborhood.  


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