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Yeah, this is kind of like my homebrew setup

Jeremy Short · June 10

If you've ever wondered what goes into the making of Hahn Super Dry, you should check out their very imformative commercial. I also use a life sized panther shaped tank for my hopback. I mean, I wish I used a life sized panther shaped tank for a hopback. Who wouldn't? Now if you're looking for a more practical approach to making beer you may want to check out Sapporo. Although it looks like you need to enlist a lot more help to ...

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Pintfight: Mikkeller vs. Mikkeller vs. Mikkeller

Jeremy Short · June 4

A tragic battle is about to unfold. A battle that will leave you weeping in despair and crying out why oh why must it end this way? This Pintfight features three Mikkeller hoppy brews struggling for revenge and power. With Mikkeller being from Denmark, what better place to set this fight than the final moments of Shakespeare’s Hamlet?  Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and it’s not the beer (at least not these three).

Our Persons Represented

Hamlet – Played by Simcoe ...

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