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Best Beer Pairing Ever: Coors & Jelly Beans

Jeremy Short · March 31

As craft beer lovers find great cheese to pair with their tripels, and Imperial IPAs to match up with chicken curry, one pairing has slipped under the radar: Starburst Jelly Beans and Coors Banquet beer. Here is the manna that God gave the Israelites as they wandered the desert. A truly sublime combinations of flavors greet your eager tongue as you chew through the fruity sweetness of the jelly beans and wash it down with the crisp clear coolness of that fine Rocky Mountain beer ...

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The Experience

Joshua Gates · March 30

He takes a drink and the pressure is on.  It's not your typical drink experience...he isn't doing this to chug something down or to prove anything.  Well, actually he is.  He's doing it to make sense of his family and hell if he's only ten years old.

It is that first taste you remember.  Bitter, nothing like anything you have ever ingested.  They aren't laughing at you, they aren't busting your balls.  What this is really about is ...

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Keep your carboy cool with stuff around the house

Jeremy Short · March 28

Last weekend I decided to brew up a lager. Not realizing that I didn't have space for the carboy in my fridge, I had to come up with a quick and easy solution to keep my fermentation temperature near 48 degrees. In one of my brewing books I remembered reading about submerging your carboy in a tub of water to keep the temperature lower than the ambient temperature and then running a fan to help give it that extra oomph. My coolest (as in ...

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Russian Imperial Stout: A Short History

Jeremy Short · March 22

Thick, black, and big. Yeah, you know what I am talking about: Russian Imperial Stout. This London born ale is known for its high alcohol, high bitterness, use of dark malts, and apparently Catherine the Great of Russia was a fan of this dark style. If you're not familiar with all the things Cathrine the Great's was into--like the fact she died having sex with a horse--you should check out this Wikipedia article for some fun reading while sipping your favorite Imperial Stout ...

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PintFight: Irish Inspired Ales

Jeremy Short · March 12

March, the month that people order green beer. Ah, green beer. These green brews are not quite Irish enough to be part of the lineup headed into this Irish inspired PintFight. For this classic matchup the fighters come in two styles: the Irish Stout and the Irish Red Ale. Our first fighter, Dragoons Dry Irish Stout, comes out of Moylan's Brewery of California, a pub known for fine Irish Ales. Next up is another American boy trying to show his Irish roots, Upslope Brewing ...

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How I rescued a lonely bottle of beer

Jeremy Short · March 9

Sometimes great beers end up in the wrong places. Not unlike a poor puppy who was adopted by a family not ready to have a dog. There are hundreds of great organizations out there who rescue/save these poor dogs and try to find new homes and new families. Following their lead, I have started rescuing beers. Maybe not as noble of an enterprise, but a worthy cause none the less. I started to notice that some liquors stores (and occasionally restaurants) on a whim ...

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How I learned to love craft beer

Jeremy Short · March 6

One of the main goals of this website is to spread the infection that is craft beer far and wide. Knowing that, I started to wonder how I came to love craft beer. When did it happen? How did it happen? What beers led me to love beer? What follows is my beer history (express edition). It’s kind of like a list of all my former girlfriends that I occasionally go back and visit. If you are looking to love craft beer or you ...

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