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Best Beer Pairing Ever: Coors & Jelly Beans

Jeremy Short · March 31


As craft beer lovers find great cheese to pair with their tripels, and Imperial IPAs to match up with chicken curry, one pairing has slipped under the radar: Starburst Jelly Beans and Coors Banquet beer. Here is the manna that God gave the Israelites as they wandered the desert. A truly sublime combinations of flavors greet your eager tongue as you chew through the fruity sweetness of the jelly beans and wash it down with the crisp clear coolness of that fine Rocky Mountain beer. That dry finish of Coors takes your breath away as you indulge yourself with all the wonderful colored flavors of a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans. How could I miss such a logical combination? How lucky to find this pairing now while there's still time to enjoy this unique experience. I should warn you, Starburst Jelly Beans are like crack and it's almost impossible to stop downing these things once you tear the bag open. Let's take a moment and see how each of these jelly beans pair up with our can of beer.

Purple & Coors

This is the grape-like flavor. Not my favorite, and not the best of the pairings here. The grape flavor sticks around too much even after the Coors' hops dry out my palate. There's still plenty of depth and the textures are outstanding. While this is good it is just the start of the flavorful adventure.

Yellow & Coors

Both of these products are yellow, so clearly this is a perfect pairing. I am pretty sure that matching colors is a key part to exceptional pairings. We got a winner here. The yellow bean is the lemon one and boy do these lemon flavors go together with the bright lightness of Coors! Wow. Yum! With the yellow bean there's a nice acidity brought out of the beer and a general citrus note dangles at the end of the sip ever so subtle ever so light.

Green & Coors

I am starting to realize that a perfect Easter basket would have a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans and a six-pack of Coors. That's right parents, if you're still debating on what to give little Timmy for Easter this year, just swing by the liquor store and you're all set. But let's stay focused here we're tasting the green colored bean now. This is the "apple" flavor (I needed to look at the bag to confirm this). It has a nice tangy kick that pairs perfectly with ice cold lager. Unfortunately, this isn't a Coors Light and the mountains don't turn blue when the beer is cold. I have basically NO WAY to know if my beer is cold enough to drink. I am living on the edge and just assuming my beer is cold enough.

Orange & Coors

Not the greatest mix, but I am sure this orange bean would be fabulous with a Blue Moon. Oh man! I wish I had a Blue Moon.

Red & Coors

The red flavor is the nicotine of the bunch. Seriously, if Starburst decided to make a bag purely of the red flavored beans I would buy a case. Oh yeah, I mean cherry flavored. Whatever. The flavor combination of red beans and cold beer will bring chills to your spine. This is a battle royale of flavors. I delight in the bold contrast. I think contrast is another important aspect of food and drink pairings. Right? In this combinations you really feel the syrupy sweetness of the jelly beans fight fearlessly as the dryness of the Coors quells their rebellious ways. Giants, no Titans, doing battle and you get to simply sit back and enjoy as their triumphs of battle become your own victory. What magic! What wonder.

All Beans & Coors

Combining jelly beans is at the heart of any proper jelly bean experience. As such, this review wouldn't be worthy if it didn't include a mention of what happens when you have one of each colored jelly bean in one hand and a can of Coors to wash it down with in your other hand. This is the true experience. See, these beans and this can of Coors are like Adam and Eve. I am convinced that the Garden of Eden is in Golden, Colorado and it is there that this great pairing was shaped by the hand of God. Just take a fistful of the rainbow of beans toss them into your mouth and chug a can of Coors. And that, my friend, is like experiencing in person the Sixth Day of creation when Adam first stepped upon this very Earth.

While I've attempted to capture this moment in words, my feeble hands are not deft enough to describe the gift of this pairing. I am like a desperate photographer trying to capture the glory of the Grand Canyon with a simple camera. It must be experienced to be understood. So I invite you to find a can of Coors and a bag of Jelly Beans and take the time to enjoy the complexity of this simple pleasure.


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