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Denver and Aurora Craft Beer Restaurants

Nathan Reynolds · May 13

A new trend is cropping up in our fair city of Denver and it is exclusive taps for our favorite craft beers. There is a growing number of restaurants that cater to the ?beer connoisseur and the adventurous. I thought it'd be nice to help our faithful followers get a head start on where they should start to head for some great beers (the pun is there to show off how smart and clever I am). This isn't a list of brewpubs, but ...

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Blind Tasting: Standard American Lager

Jeremy Short · May 12

The ubiquitous beer that is the American Lager, it’s hard to avoid this "domestic" beer. Even the most proud tap-houses carry Budweiser, Coors, and/or Miller. Why? Because people everywhere prefer lager over ale, and it's hard to argue the drinkability of these beers. You know what else is very drinkable? Water. Anyway, it's easy as a craft beer drinker to demonize these mass produced beers, but is there something more to these lagers that we should appreciate and acknowledge? I think ...

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