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Natty Light in Space Almost Makes Natty Light Cool

Jeremy Short · November 29

Here's yet another big beer making their beer can doing something crazy in attempt to make their beer more interesting. God forbid that they actually just brew a good beer. A couple weeks ago Red Stripe turned their empty beer cans into a speaker array and now we have Natty Light tossing a can of beer into space. As a dork, I think this space one is much cooler and the video is well worth a watch. I guess when you have a beer ...

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Three Boulder tap rooms in a day

Jeremy Short · November 23

Even though Boulder is a short half-hour drive from my home it’s rare that I take the time. And there’s several great breweries there that have been beckoning me to make that short trip. Recently a group of us made the journey and checked out three of Boulder’s great tap rooms: Boulder Beer Company, Avery, and Twisted Pine. As you can see from the map above, all of these fine breweries are rather closely congregated which gave us the option of walking ...

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Red Stripe beer cans are cooler empty than full

Jeremy Short · November 18

Here's a rather interesting use of used Red Stripe beer cans: a sound sculpture. It's worth watching the whole video, thought it does run a little long, to see the creation of this crazy collection of beer cans. It looks like they did a pretty good job cleaning out the cans before putting them to use here. Good thing, I suppose. This might be the start of several other creations of Red Stripe beer can sculptures from the looks of their facebook page. 

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Cyborg yeast do what you tell them

Jeremy Short · November 7

Can you imagine being able to talk to your yeast? What if you could tell the billions of cells in your carboy to do this or to do that? While this might sound like fantasy it’s actually being done at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. By using light the reserachers were able to impact the yeast’s ability to produce a specific protein. "upon shining red light in, they could track how much a population of yeast cells was expressing the gene ...

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PintFight: Oktoberfest

Jeremy Short · November 4

Just in time for November the Pintwell tasting panel takes on seven Oktoberfest beers. Sure, we're a little late, but on the bright side some of the beers might be on the bargain rack. Before we dive into the beers selected for the panel, it would probably be appropriate to say a few things about the style.

First, what's the name again? Confusingly, I've seen Oktoberfest, Octoberfest, Fest, Marzen, Marzen-Oktoberfest, Ur-Marzen, Marzen Fest, Amber Marzen, Fetival Lager, Amber-German-get-you-hammered-lager, and so on. Basically ...

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Calculate Specific Gravity from Plato

Jeremy Short · November 2

Every now and then you may run into a beer or beer recipe that give Plato instead of Specific Gravity. And there's an easy calculation to convert between the two:


( Plato / ( 258.6 - ( ( Plato / 258.2 ) * 227.1 ) ) + 1 = Specific gravity


Well maybe easy isn't the right word, but to make it easier I made a little calculator to help with the math:




Or, if your just looking for a cheat sheet, here is a quick conversion reference:


Plato Gravity ...
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