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From Firkins to Ponies: the many ways to measure the volume of beer

Jeremy Short · February 4

There is a surprisingly vast array of ways to measure how much beer you got. Vast! And each of these measurements can get a bit confusing. For example the US and the UK use pints, but while they have the same name they're not the same thing. Why? Because it's more exciting that way. Here's my attempt to sort some of these measurements out.

Let's start with things that fit in your hand, and given the name of this blog I ...

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The Session #60: WTF is a Growler

Jeremy Short · February 3

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This month's topic comes from Kendall Jones at Washington Beer Blog.

The first time I homebrewed the friend who walked me through the process told me he would pick up a couple growlers beforehand. WTF s a growler, I asked. He replied simply, it's just a glass jug for beer. Oh. Well that's simple enough. And, if homebrew isn't available, there's nothing quite like a fresh beer from a local brewery to ...

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