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Calculating Finishing Gravity with a Refractometer is Nuts

Jeremy Short · January 21

Santa kindly gave me a Refractometer for Christmas this year, which rocked because it was on my list of gifts for your favorite homebrewer. And just a couple of weeks ago I brewed up a doppelbock and got to try my new toy out. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Geeky. Easy to read. Rather badass looking. I was happy. Then I went to take a reading after fermentation had slowed down and got a sky-high reading. Wait? Did I under-pitch? Was the ...

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The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

Jeremy Short · January 6

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This is my first time participating and oddly enough the topic isn’t about beer.

I almost always drink beer, but when I don’t I drink… I drink. Well, I mean, I guess… this is a harder question than it seems. Water. Water is nice. But that seems a bit boring. What about coffee? I do drink a lot of coffee when I am not drinking beer.  And coffee is brewed. Brewed, hey, that’s kind ...

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Great Beer at Tallgrass Brewing in Manhattan... Kansas

Jeremy Short · January 5

My wife comes from Manhattan. No, not the cool one, the one in Kansas. Yep, the Little Apple. And yes, this home to Kansas State University, does refer to itself as the Little Apple. In fact her childhood home is just south of Houston Street, so you could technically say she’s from SoHo, Manhattan. We end up visiting the Little Apple a few times a year and with any place I visit I consider it a kind of duty to locate the local breweries ...

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