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The Session #63: The Beer Moment

Jeremy Short · May 4


The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This month's session is about the beer moment.

A beer moment? Why do I want to get so romantic with this phrase? I want to dip my pen into a sappy image of imperial stouts and earthy Trappist ales. See here the big and the bold beer. The craft beer. The, oh god this sounds so silly, artisan brewer stirring a wooden paddle through a thick resting mash. Yes, these are all fine things that define sorts of "beer moments" at different points in my beer drinking life. But, really? Are these the beer moments that got me to love beer?   

I guess I say this because what has always attracted me to beer is the ordinary. Every pint doesn’t need to be special or unique. Simply, beer needs to be shared with friends. Some of most memorable beer moments happen with ordinary lagers and groups of friends and family. A great beer moment is when you’re not talking about beer. When a beer blends itself completely into a moment that it is almost lost—then someone fills your glass and your mouth swells with anticipation for that next sip. That is a the beer moment I long for.

And the occasional fancy pants artisan craft beer stuff makes for a good moment, too. 








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