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Sustainable Brewing: Uses for your Spent Grain

Chris Jensen · April 24

As a part of our Earth Week series on reducing the environmental impact on brewing, we’d like to talk about one of the easiest opportunities for a homebrewer: reusing your spent grain.

Both all grain and partial mash brewers end up with a surplus of leftover grain at the end of a brew session (all grain, high gravity brewers much more so!). Rather than send them to the landfill, we like to reuse them in various ways as they still have all kinds of ...

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Sustainable Brewing: Tips for reducing your environmental impact

Chris Jensen · April 22

For many, brewing represents a battle between the want to conveniently brew excellent beer and the desire to minimize one’s environmental impact.

There are no two ways about it: brewing beer takes a lot of resources. Regardless of whether you’re a modest homebrewer or a world-renowned pro, you still have to heat your water, cool your wort, clean your equipment, and develop your sugars. Many professional breweries have implemented sophisticated systems to waste less water, recapture energy, and reuse their resources. But what ...

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Bottle Your Homebrew the Easy Way

Chris Jensen · April 17

Bottling your beer can be a real pain. On top of all of the cleaning and sanitizing required for the bottles, you also need to manage a lot of gear: buckets, bottling wands, or, if you are lucky, bottling guns. 

But it need not be so complex! About a year ago I discovered a new solution that has revolutionized my bottling procedur,e which costs about $15. It works just as well as any counter-pressure filler and will keep your beer carbed for months. This ...

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So you want to drink some smoke beers

Jeremy Short · April 12

This post is part of the Denver Tasting Lab where a few bloggers get together and taste some beer and try to learn something every now and then.  

In the middle of the Franconia region of Germany you will find the home of rauchbier in the medieval town of Bamberg. And in Bamberg you will find Schlenkerla. This palace of smoke creates some of the world’s most well known smoked beers. The name Schlenkerla comes from the German word schlenkern meaning to "dangle, swing ...

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How to Clean Your Tap Lines

Chris Jensen · April 10

Nobody likes a dirty tap. You go to all this trouble to create this beautiful, aromatic, tasty delight…the last thing you want to do is cover that up with the smell of a band-aids and dirty socks.

So clean it up! We recommend cleaning your tap lines and faucets every time you change out your beers as it only takes a few minutes and will save your beer all kinds of problems. There are several ways to skin this cat. I’ve found this ...

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How to manage your homebrew addiction

Jeremy Short · April 5

This post is part of The Session a monthly beer blogging topic. It's been awhile since I've contributed. This month's topic is finding beer balance.

Homebrewing is a painful addiction. Not for the addict, but for the people who live around the addict and constantly have to hear references to archaic beer styles or sentences like “I can’t wait to check out the new US96H hop breed ... You got to come over and check out my new keezer fan ... check out ...

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Is this the best homebrew carboy? A review of the Speidel Plastic Fermenter

Jeremy Short · April 4

After waiting months for the Speidel Plastic Fermenter to be back in stock at MoreBeer, I was finally able to buy two 20L Speidels this August. Now that I've had a chance to run a few beers through them, what do I think? I sold all of my other carboys and now exclusively use the Speidels. So yeah, I like them.

Since I first started brewing I've always used plastic or glass carboys. There are several problems with both types of carboys: cleaning ...

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2013 Colorado Homebrew Competitions

Pintwell · April 1


2013 is over, as if you didn't know. Here is the 2014 listing. 


Here is a list of all of the upcoming Colorado (and near-by) homebrew competitions we know about. Know of one that's not listed? Shoot us an email: jeremy (a) or post details in the comments and we will add to the list.


Biere de Rock

  • Website
  • Entry Deadline: November 23, 2013 
  • Judging Dates: December 7, 2013
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Cost per Entry: $7.00 ...
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