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Christmas Day Beer, Paulaner Premium Lager

Jeremy Short · Dec. 26


I was recently reading Peter Estaniel’s BetterBeerBlog where he annually does his 12 Beers of Christmas which I think is a great concept. And then I thought, I am totally going to steal that idea. So starting with Christmas day I’ll have a different beer a day and give a little write up the following day. Not so much a review per se but a way to celebrate Christmastide and the amazing drink we call beer.

Christmas Day Beer, Paulaner Premium Lager

This beer turned out to be kind of an accidental selection. My wife had bought it for a party and we forgot to take it with us to the party. This left a six pack of Paulaner staring me in the face on Christmas Day. And what a better way to start the Christmastide Beer Adventure than with a light lager? Also, I just purchased a Paulaner Maßkrug (a one liter glass mug) the other day and was happy to put it to good use. Another reason I figure that Paulaner is sort of the perfect beer for the first beer of this Christmastide season is that Paulaner started as an order of monks in 1634. So that seem appropriate, right?

Paulaner bottles their beers in 11.2oz (330ml) bottles. This means my liter mug takes three bottles to fill and just misses the top by a slim 10ml.  There are few things as beautiful as a Maßkrug full of beer and a thick frothy head. Glorious! It can take a while to consume that much beer (I guess that depends on who you are) and the thick walls of a good German mug do surprisingly well at keeping your beer cool and delicious. I don’t know if this is true (and I am too lazy to look this up right now), but a friend had told me that the goal is to drink a dimple’s worth of beer with each pull of the glass. That’s almost the same thing as drinking one bottle of beer with each “sip”. I am unable to achieve such feats of strenght. Half a dimple is a challenge alone.

I love this style of beer. The rich malt flavor. The smooth drinkability. The mild carbonation. Everything about a helles lager makes my mouth water. Paulaner’s Helles is easily found and a safe bet for any occasion. At 4.9% ABV you can comfortably enjoy a liter’s worth and not find yourself stumbling about. The hop flavor is very very mild and if you have friends who don’t like hops and still want a rich flavorful beer this is a perfect option. Yes, apparently there are people in the world who don’t like hops. Weird, right?

There are other great helles lagers from Weihenstephaner, Hacker-Pschorr, and Spaten. Try them all! If you’re buying this style stick with the Germans. They have this style locked up.

Time to figure out a beer for Day 2, Saint Stephen’s Day.




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