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Fear the Cloudy Waters of Dry Dock’s Hop Abomination

Jeremy Short · Dec. 27


For day two of my Christmastide beers I cracked open a can of Dry Dock’s Hop Abomination. Check out how creepy those eyes are in the swirling green sea. Seriously, what's up with the marketing for this beer? The spooky ghost like eyes are not calling you over for a tasty beverage. More likely this beer appears to be plotting my demise! Also, Abomination? Really? Google gives this definitions for the word abomination as: a thing that causes disgust or hatred. Don't let this odd marketing fool you--this is a delicious and a very welcoming IPA that will warm your spirit rather than drag you down into the depths of a dark hopeless green ocean. Dry Dock’s description of this brew is much more palatable:

A hoppy warship of an IPA. Massive amounts of floral, citrus and tropical hop flavors lurk beneath ivory whitecaps, swirling amid glowing golden seas, waiting to conquer your palate with their bitter deliciousness. Our take on an American favorite.

Warship!?! Now that sounds awesome. They should have called this thing Warship IPA. Or Hop Warship. Get it? It almost sounds like worship and this beer is truly a well made gift to the beer gods. So if anyone at Dry Dock is reading this, please steal this idea and rename this beer Hop Warship. I just spent way too much time talking about the name and the can … let's get on to the important bits … the beer!

I bought this beer a couple months ago for the first time. Once in the glass it was love at first sight. This is the cloudiest and haziest commercially made hop beast I have ever seen. This is a good thing! This beer has such a significant dry hoping that little hop particles are everywhere. There is even the lightest green tint to the head. That's a lot of hops. The aroma is a thick damp earth with crisp citrus and pine. Unlike your West Coast IPAs, Hop Abomination has a sturdy caramel malt background that add depth and flavor while still allowing the hops to shine. This beer reminds me a bit of Titan IPA from Great Divide and the excellent Odell’s IPA.

The flavor has a rich caramel malt sweetness with a smooth flowing bitterness. I love that this is just 70 IBUs and doesn’t try to rip the enamel off my teeth (although I think that's just what those eyes on the can want to do to me). There is a touch of heat (a bit more than I would like) and the beer weighs in at 6.5% ABV. The hops flavors match up with the aroma and give just a bit of oily slickness to the beer. The foam isn't very strong or long lasting which may be a result of the extensive dry hopping. In the end you are left with a well balanced and highly drinkable IPA.

I am sort of surprised with the reviews/rating I’ve seen for this beer. They don't seem way out of line, but it does appear to be underrated in my opinion. I hate to say this, but I think the marketing might be dragging this beer down a bit. If Dry Dock put it in a bomber and wrote the words “limited edition” on it the ratings would probably go up. Sad. Don't do that! One reason to love this beer is that it comes in a can, it's fairly priced and it is a great value. Never put this in a bomber, Dry Dock.

I bought this beer to enjoy while watching football and eating hot wings. It's a perfect beer for both of those things.

Now to figure out a beer for Day 3, Saint John the Evangelist.    


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