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A Pint of Chin Wag

Jeremy Short · Dec. 28


Day three’s beer was a bit of a rush. A long road trip later in the evening doesn't lend itself to any sort of beer exploration. With that I found a local ESB to enjoy with lunch, Hogshead’s Chin Wag. Describing this ESB on their website Hogshead says: caution, one too many may cause you to talk Shite. Now 'some marketing I can get behind.

As you can see from the picture above, Chin Wag has a deep rich red color with a light off-white head. This beer is nicely clear and very appealing to look on. A bold fruity aroma jumps out of the glass. Heavy caramel malts with lots of dark fruit esters and a hint of black licorice dominate. The aroma hops are earthy and light. The aroma carries through in the flavor with the complex esters dominating and the hops adding a rich earthy background. The body is medium heavy and gives you something you can really chew on. The bitterness is mellow and approachable—a highly drinkable beer for almost any palate. There is just the slightest amount of heat with 5.8% ABV.

This is a traditional and well-made ESB. The hops are fuggles and golding and Maris Otter serves as the base grain. If you’re looking for a good example of an Extra Special Bitter made in Denver this is a hard one to top.

With a Kansas road trip underway, I am going to end up with a bit of a shorter post today. But, hey, with tomorrow comes a new beer.


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