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Guinness Time

Jeremy Short · Dec. 30


Day Five went a bit off the planned course. I had mentioned in the last post that I had an English ale waiting for me in the fridge. Well instead I ended up at a bar with a fair tap selection and specials on pints of Guinness. Hmmm, I knew I would be in the bar for a few hours and the savings on a beer special was too appealing to ignore. Plus, I have a special place in my beer heart for this beer. I had wanted to post about more unique beers for this blogging bender and then life got in the way.

Nowadays a pint of Guinness will find its way into my hands once in a blue moon. Back when I was first discovering beer Guinness was my beer of choice. I probably drank Guiness exclusively for a year or so. I love the drinkability of this beer. Light bodied, low roast, smooth, creamy these are all things that make Guinness a great beer to sit around and enjoy without getting too philosophical about what you are drinking. It's also, to this day, the only beer I can chug. The stuff is just so light. This, and the fact that it's brewed by a massive coropration know as Diageo, makes it popular for some beer drinkers to hate on this fine beer. I do have to admit, Diageo does sound like some sinister corporation plotting to over take the world with their tempting boozy drinks. I mean check out some of their brands--you'll never see me hating on Johnnie Walker or Guinness.

I could talk a bit more about that flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel but there's probably a good chance you've already tried this beer. And if you haven't you just should. It's come to define a style and is one of the most recognizable beer in the world. It would be hard to achieve such if there wasn't something to the thing regardless of the significant spending on marketing. When ordering a pint of Guinness I prefer it on tap and then the nitro can comes in a close second. I've never been fond of the bottled version. The Foreign Export Guinness is even better if a bit harder to find. My mouth is watering just thinking about this beer. If, however, you are ready to move on to something different might I suggest my favorite Irish Dry Stout: O'Hara's Celtic Stout. That shit is good.

Now, for real, tomorrow's post will be all about that English Pale Ale I thought I would have here instead.


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