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How to clean your homebrew kegs

Jeremy Short · March 27

You've upgraded. You have a fancy new (well probably used) keg for your homebrew and you’re ready to fill it with your precious creation. But wait! Your keg smells a little funky! Here are a few quick steps to get your kegs clean and pouring tasty delicious homebrew.

1 - Rinse. I like to give a thorough rinse to my kegs as soon as they kick. The longer the residual sugars sit around, the more of a pain they will be to clean off ...

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This video is the best introduction to beer I've seen

Jeremy Short · March 27

There are a lot of videos about beer but few are this good. From brewing, fermentation, bottling, serving and enjoying everything is covered in this video. There are even great tidbits of history in the mix. The amount of information covered in a quick five minutes is outstanding and somehow doesn't feel too rushed. A couple of subtle things that I just loved in this video:

  • A rule of thumb: using your thumb to measure your mash temp. 
  • Only drink the popular taps at ...
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Brew Masters Unseen Episode!

Chris Jensen · March 25

Maybe it's because I'm a beer nerd, but I loved this show! I was disappointed that it didn't make it. There were rumors that it was pulled due to pressure from one of the big brewers, however I don't know how likely that is. I'm guessing it had as much to do with ratings and the strain on operations at Dogfish Head.

In any case, I was delighted when I came across this unaired episode. I can't believe they ...

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Mobile Flash Cards for the BJCP Exam

Jeremy Short · March 20

Whether you are studying for the online, tasting or written BJCP exams, the Pintwell flash cards are here to help. As I came closer to taking my tasting exam I knew I had to sharpen my knowledge of each aspect of the BJCP style guidelines. Just reading the guidelines became increasingly dull. Go figure. I just wanted some simple flash cards that I could access on my phone, and thus the flash card site was born. It's nothing fancy, but it made prepping for ...

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Under the Sun (Boulder) Review

Chris Jensen · March 18

I have been a big fan of the Mountain Sun group of restaurants since I first set foot in the original location on Pearl in the late 90s. I was elated when they opened Southern Sun location as it meant more space, including outside seating. I did a little dance when they opened Vine St. as it brought the tasty food and quaffable brews to us Denverites. And, needless to say, I was intrigued when they decided to break the mold and open a new ...

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Colorado Beers for St. Patrick’s Day

Jeremy Short · March 15

It’s that time of year where everyone loads up on Guinness and green-colored domestics. Guinness is a fine beer, but don’t forget about these great local alternatives when celebrating ole Saint Patty:

- Arvada Brewing is currently pouring Flanigan’s Irish Red

- Dry Dock Brewing has an Irish Red ready to go

- Cooper Kettle's Help Me Out! Stout on a nitro tap

- O’Rion Irish Red from Equinox Brewing is a 2011 GABF Gold Medal winner

- The Denver Chop House brews a Dry ...

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Hey you look different, again

Jeremy Short · March 14

Welcome to the new Pintwell! After some spring cleaning and some polishing up here and there we have a new site. Fancy. Here are some of the changes:

There used to be a bunch of different parts to Pintwell and it was kind of easy to get lost. All of those short dark alleyways and incomplete entries have been eliminated.  

Beer reviews. In the end I dropped nearly all of the beer reviews that existed on the old site. Most of them were garbage anyway ...

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Books that Should Be in Your Brewing Library

Chris Jensen · March 12

If you’re like me, once you dipped your toes in the homebrewing pool you wanted to do a triple lindy right in. But before diving in (or moving to the next platform), it’s a good idea to read up to get a feel for technique, equipment, and recipes.

Most brewers have a few go-to recommendations when asked about their book recommendations, so here are our top 3 must-have books for your brewing library:


1. How to Brew, by John Palmer. The simplicity of ...

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