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Hey you look different, again

Jeremy Short · March 14


Welcome to the new Pintwell! After some spring cleaning and some polishing up here and there we have a new site. Fancy. Here are some of the changes:

There used to be a bunch of different parts to Pintwell and it was kind of easy to get lost. All of those short dark alleyways and incomplete entries have been eliminated.  

Beer reviews. In the end I dropped nearly all of the beer reviews that existed on the old site. Most of them were garbage anyway. Well, not garbage...just boring. Beer reviews going forward will take on a more thorough and informative approach such as comparing and contrasting beers of a similar style or looking at the brewing processes that may have enhanced or created certain flavors in the beer. Not boring at all, right? 

The new site is mobile happy! Apparently people never use their desktop computers anymore. The old site was all about widescreens and desktop computers and woe to those who went viewed it on a phone. The new site loves your mobile devices and you can read this on any type of screen.

The new site has better tagging. To keep all of the entries organized you can just click through the tags to find the articles you want to read. Rad.

It’s a work in progress. Some things are still being tweaked here and there. And since we use Google Custom Search, the Pintwell search feature will still show some of our old pages for a little while.

There are a bunch of other little things that will pop up here and there. If you see anything weird, let me know. Pintwell has now been around for two years and this is the third time I’ve changed it up. Lots of evolution going on here, but I think this look is going to stick around a bit longer than the other two.


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