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Colorado Beers for St. Patrick’s Day

Jeremy Short · March 15


It’s that time of year where everyone loads up on Guinness and green-colored domestics. Guinness is a fine beer, but don’t forget about these great local alternatives when celebrating ole Saint Patty:

Arvada Brewing is currently pouring Flanigan’s Irish Red

Dry Dock Brewing has an Irish Red ready to go

Cooper Kettle's Help Me Out! Stout on a nitro tap

- O’Rion Irish Red from Equinox Brewing is a 2011 GABF Gold Medal winner

- The Denver Chop House brews a Dry Stout

Killian’s Irish Red. Well, some of it is brewed in Colorado

- The always popular Left Hand Milk Stout. Not at all Irish, but is an outstanding alternative to Guiness.

Or you can just buy some green food coloring and pour that junk in any Colorado beer. Because nothing says Irish like green stuff.

If you do want some true Irish-brewed ales I highly suggest O’Hara’s Irish Celtic Stout and O’Hara’s Irish Red. Both are outstanding beers. Cheers!



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