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Mobile Flash Cards for the BJCP Exam

Jeremy Short · March 20


Whether you are studying for the online, tasting or written BJCP exams, the Pintwell flash cards are here to help. As I came closer to taking my tasting exam I knew I had to sharpen my knowledge of each aspect of the BJCP style guidelines. Just reading the guidelines became increasingly dull. Go figure. I just wanted some simple flash cards that I could access on my phone, and thus the flash card site was born. It's nothing fancy, but it made prepping for the exam more fun. And I could bring it up on my phone at any time. You will find it way more fun than Angry Birds! Okay, maybe not that much fun. Although, it’s perfect when you are in a meeting at work and want to kill some time.

There are 300 plus cards in the app—plenty to help you learn before taking the test! Styles are divided up into aroma and appearance; flavor and mouthfeel; and comments. This way you can focus on one particular aspect of a style instead of getting everything at once. Most of this material is exactly what you will find in the official guidelines. Some entries have been shortened slightly to make it a bit more focused.

You will also find off-flavor cards that give descriptions of flaws and solutions and/or causes. These cards are greatly simplified and are only meant to give a basic understanding of the most common flaws.

The “General Style Guidelines” help compare styles and categorize like-attributes for easy memorization. For example you will get a card that says “Carbonation of European Lagers” which will help you remember that each of these styles have a medium level of carbonation.  

You can focus your study by using the menu at the bottom of the page. Just select a category and the site will only serve cards from that category. With so many cards this is a good way to avoid feeling overwhelmed as you study.

The Flash Cards cab be found at or via the button below. I hope you find these flash cards helpful! If you have ideas for additional cards shoot me a note. Oh, and if you see an error, for sure send me a note.

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