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This video is the best introduction to beer I've seen

Jeremy Short · March 27


There are a lot of videos about beer but few are this good. From brewing, fermentation, bottling, serving and enjoying everything is covered in this video. There are even great tidbits of history in the mix. The amount of information covered in a quick five minutes is outstanding and somehow doesn't feel too rushed. A couple of subtle things that I just loved in this video:

  • A rule of thumb: using your thumb to measure your mash temp. 
  • Only drink the popular taps at a bar with 40 to 50 taps! Yes! A tons of taps have become a popular feature at new bars and often a few of those taps sit dormant for far too long.
  • Blue bottles are the worst. I guess this is why I've never seen one.
  • Pour with vigor! When I first started drinking beer I was under the mistaken impression that you try to pour beer as smoothly as possible and without any foam. This is crap and it wasn't until much later in life that I learned that. This is a great reminder.

And I have to say that is the most badass little brewery I've ever seen. But the best part is at the end when the host, Charlie Bamforth, stares lovingly at his freshly poured beer and says, "That’s just nectar." Indeed.


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