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How to control mouthfeel in your homebrew

Jeremy Short · November 27

Have you recently received some feedback on your homebrew that said: needs more body, high astringency, or too hot? And now you are wondering hot to fix that? Well here you go. A whole post about the exciting world of mouthfeel. First, if you need a refresher on what mouth feel is check out this post. Got it? Cool. Let’s move on to how to manipulate the different aspect of mouthfeel in your beer.

Oh wait, there’s one other thing to consider before ...

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What beer should I bring to Thanksgiving?

Pintwell · November 20

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to start figuring out what to eat and more importantly what to drink. And beer is the perfect drink for thanksgiving. Here’s our quick guide on what beers to share with your friends and family at this year’s Thanksgiving feast:

If you’re a regular craft beer drinker, it’s tempting to go for the big guns and grab a couple imperial stouts or a big ABV trappist beer. Don’t. Thanksgiving is ...

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2013 Homebrew Gift Guide

Pintwell · November 11

Looking for a great holiday gift for your favorite homebrewer? Let us help you find the perfect gift to delight the dabbling, dreaming, or downright obsessed homebrewer in your life.

To make it extra easy on you, we've broken the gift ideas out by cost to help you find the right homebrew gift for your budget. Plus these gifts will work for the homebrewer who is just getting started to the homebrewer who has been making batches of beer for years. 

Affordable options (under ...

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What does mouthfeel mean?

Jeremy Short · November 6

Maybe you've read a beer review on some site and ran into the phrase mouthfeel and thought wow that sounds gross. Well that's what I thought. What a weird phrase, right? I assumed it simply meant what a beer feels like in your mouth. It feels like liquid! That seems like a silly thing to rate a beer on.

The short answer to what is mouthfeel: Yeah, it really does just mean what the beer feels like in your mouth.

Why should you ...

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