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2013 Homebrew Gift Guide

Pintwell · Nov. 11


Looking for a great holiday gift for your favorite homebrewer? Let us help you find the perfect gift to delight the dabbling, dreaming, or downright obsessed homebrewer in your life.

To make it extra easy on you, we've broken the gift ideas out by cost to help you find the right homebrew gift for your budget. Plus these gifts will work for the homebrewer who is just getting started to the homebrewer who has been making batches of beer for years. 

Affordable options (under $30)

  • Georgeous bottle openers from Woodenhaze: open your beer in style! These guys also do beautiful tap handles, though there are none currently listed. I have a couple of these and they always wow!
  • A good Hydrometer! Essential for creating quality beer. If your brewer has been at it for less than a couple years, chances are he or she can use an upgrade.
  • PBW: Not the sexiest gift, but your homebrewer will thank you. Trust us. You can never have enough PBW on hand.
  • I never realized how useful a good scale would be until I got one. We use ours for all kinds of things around the brewery, and it would be hard to live without.
  • Books! If your homebrewer has the bug, we're sure he can't get enough of these. Here are a couple recent releases that we're excited about: Water, by John Palmer or Hops, by Stan Hieronymus. Or, you can't go wrong with these classics
  • Beeriodic table of the elements. Yes, it's as nerdy as it sounds. And that makes it awesome. 
  • Brewing gloves. Protect your homebrewer's soft, supple hands with these gloves. Nothing says "I love you" like demonstrating your concern for their safety.

The I really like this person options (over $30)

  • High quality kettle at an affordable price. Help your brewer take his or her game to the next level.
  • Spiedel fermenter. You know how much we love this thing? Check out our full review. What's great about this one is even a well equipped homebrewer needs an extra fermenter. 
  • Immersion wort chiller. The perfect gift for homebrewers who are just getting started in the hobby.

The “I REALLY love my homebrewer” options ($100 and over)

  • Kegerator. This is really the ultimate gift for any homebrewer. We like this one, and it ships for free on Amazon (which will save you a ton over other options!). This is also an incredible wedding gift.
  • Mega-super kettle. Yes, this one is more expensive than the one above. But that's because it's better. A whole lot better. This is the type of thing I would not buy for myself but would be over the moon if my wife bought it for me. I hope she's reading this.
  • The Ultimate Sparge Arm! OK, if you don't brew you may not know what this is, but if your favorite homebrewer is just getting into all grain brewing this will be a big help! Plus this is something that Jeremy really wants. If you are looking to send Jeremy a gift please send him this. It will make him very happy. 
  • Conical fermenter: Every homebrewer lusts after one of these. Few actually own them.
  • Homebrew stand. OK, now you're just getting crazy. Will you marry me?

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