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What beer should I bring to Thanksgiving?

Pintwell · Nov. 20


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time to start figuring out what to eat and more importantly what to drink. And beer is the perfect drink for thanksgiving. Here’s our quick guide on what beers to share with your friends and family at this year’s Thanksgiving feast:

If you’re a regular craft beer drinker, it’s tempting to go for the big guns and grab a couple imperial stouts or a big ABV trappist beer. Don’t. Thanksgiving is a big long meal and a sessionable lower alcohol beer can be enjoyed by everybody. Maybe bring one big guy, but chances are you’ll be stuffed by the end of the thing that you won’t be able to enjoy that bomber as much as you would otherwise.

Also, please don’t bring a pumpkin beer. There’s already going to be all kinds of pumpkin stuff. Do you really need another pumpkin flavored thing at Thanksgiving?

Wit Beers - With exotic spices, orange, lemon, citrus the flavors say summer, but what a great contrast flavor profile from your typical Thanksgiving meal. If you can get it, Blanche de Bruxelles is an outstanding choice and you can now find this beer in a can 4-pack. Another smart pick is Hoegaarden. Perhaps a bit easier to find is the always good  Avery White Rascal or New Belgium Mothership Wit.

Wheat Beers - These hardy yet drinkable brews are a great compliment to a big meal. You’ll be able to toss back a few of these and not fall out of your seat like uncle Tom did last year. Boulevard’s Wheat Ale this very sessionable and tasty brew is a surefire option. If you don’t like this beer you’re crazy. You can always get a bit more crazy and pick their Wheatwine - OK, so not a proper wheat and it kind of violates our low ABV rule above, but this is the best example of a near extinct style that’s on it’s way back. A delightful beer with a sauvignon blanc quality (a great beer to share with the wine lovers in your family), which will land perfectly between the dry turkey and the sweet cranberry sauce of your main course.

Or go German and pair your food with the excellent clove flavors found in good German weizens. Good bets are any of wheat beers from Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr or Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu.

Amber lagers - Oktoberfest and Vienna lagers are great beers to have any any feast. If you can grab a keg and give a proper liter pour to everyone please email me your address and I will swing by. All of the German breweries mentioned above brew the gold standards of this beer or check out our oktoberfest tasting for other ideas.

Saison - This style even sound special. Though the season for saison has passed, we’re big fans of Avec Les Bons Voeux the winter seasonal from Dupont. Slightly less dry than Saison Dupont, but with a great spiciness that will compliment the stuffing in your turkey dinner.

Sour Ale - Pucker up with some Russian River Supplication - Generally, a great sour will pair as well as any beer style with food. The complexity of flavors and sour bite are incredible with a diversity of entrees. The epitome of this is Supplication, one of the finest sours made on American soil. To hell with red wine! Serve up this delightful fellow instead, and be sure to share it with the wine-snobs in your family to enlighten them on the finer things in life.


This is the best option. Of course if you have homebrew, regardless of style, that’s what you should bring. Get yourself a handy growler and share your brew with everyone. Everyone will think you are very fancy. And there’s nothing like having your own beer at a holiday meal.  


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