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Your Mom Likes Pumpkin Beer!

Chris Jensen · October 30

It's that time of year again. Pumpkin beers abound. This year there are more pumpkin beers than pumpkins! How is that possible?

A lot has been made about the "black fridayzation" of pumpkin beers. That is to say, they creep up earlier and earlier, like retailer openings on Black Friday. And I agree with the sentiment: it's ridiculous to drink a pumpkin beer at the end of July. Please, save them for September next year.

But, generally, I really like pumpkin beers. Done ...

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Westvleteren 12: Worth the Lore, or Just a Bore?

Chris Jensen · October 25

We've all heard the hype. Best beer in the world according to RateBeer for many years running. Tops on BeerAdvocate.  Sells for $100/bottle on eBay. In fact, the bottles sold for a ridiculous amount at retail when the monastery released a precious few to the US last year.

Is it really worth all the hype?

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy this beer on a few occasions, and there’s no question it’s a great beer. But my opinion is that ...

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Delaware wins the 2013 Great American Beer Festival

Jeremy Short · October 22

Maybe you've seen some of the medal counts floating around about the Great American Beer Festival? You know the ones that show that California and Colorado dominated with 56 and 46 medals respectively. Third place went to Oregon with a distant count of 25 medals. Wow, California and Colorado rock, right?

Did you also know that of the 654 breweries at GABF 230 of them came from California and Colorado? These two states alone represented 36% of the breweries at the festival. Impressive. This ...

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Another Year, Another Great American Beer Festival

Pintwell · October 17

It's October which means football players wear pink shoes, the leave turn yellow, and the city of Denver is invaded by a swarm of bearded beer lovers. Yes, the Great American Beer Festival has come and gone and the Pintwell crew has had a few days to recover and recall some of our favorites from this year's festival.

Chris’s Top Ten

1.       Duck Duck Gooze, Lost Abbey Brewing (easily the best domestic produced gueuze I've ever had!)

2.       Saint Dekkera Belgian-Style ...

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