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Another Year, Another Great American Beer Festival

Pintwell · Oct. 17


It's October which means football players wear pink shoes, the leave turn yellow, and the city of Denver is invaded by a swarm of bearded beer lovers. Yes, the Great American Beer Festival has come and gone and the Pintwell crew has had a few days to recover and recall some of our favorites from this year's festival.

Chris’s Top Ten

1.       Duck Duck Gooze, Lost Abbey Brewing (easily the best domestic produced gueuze I've ever had!)

2.       Saint Dekkera Belgian-Style Lambic, Desthil (Desthil impressed across the board)

3.       Massive!, Gigantic Brewing

4.       Reason be Damned, Stone

5.       Stupid Sexy Flanders, Sun King (also wins the award for best beer name of 2013)

6.       Goose Juice Rye IPA, Hoppin Frog

7.       Oak Jacked, Uinta Brewing

8.       Ross's's Melange, Avery Brewing

9.       Berliner Metro Weiss, Devil's Backbone

10.   Bat Shit Crazy, MobCraft Beer

Jeremy’s Favorites

Oh, wait, I was supposed to write this down? Um… yeah… so. I spent too much time playing around with my camera (but hey I got a ton of pictures some of which are below). Most years I put together a kind of casual plan of what I want to hit up and this year I tried to stick with beer and breweries I've never heard of—which ended up with some mixed results in the quality department. Instead of a list of beers here are some things that stuck out from this year's festival.

Wasatch Brew Pub of Utah had a great collection of beers which kept me at their booth for a while.

What’s up with the orange lighting? I wish they would turn on the lights full blast instead of that dimmed down orange color. As far as I can remember they've always stuck with this crappy lighting. I wonder if they get a discount for not using as much power?

Oh, while I am thinking about it, I really wish all of the shopping booths were outside of the festival and that I can swing by when I am not going to the festival to check it out. Who wants to buy books and then wander around the festival?

Calicraft was another brewery that kept my attention for a while. Their beers were all interesting and flavorful.

ProAm Beers. Wow, there are so so so many beers here and a ton of good ones—it's kind of a shame that only three of the beers medal.

Pictures. People love having their picture taken when they've had a few beers. Enjoy the gallery below. 

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