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Your Mom Likes Pumpkin Beer!

Chris Jensen · Oct. 30


It's that time of year again. Pumpkin beers abound. This year there are more pumpkin beers than pumpkins! How is that possible?

A lot has been made about the "black fridayzation" of pumpkin beers. That is to say, they creep up earlier and earlier, like retailer openings on Black Friday. And I agree with the sentiment: it's ridiculous to drink a pumpkin beer at the end of July. Please, save them for September next year.

But, generally, I really like pumpkin beers. Done right, the pumpkin spice flavors can really compliment a nice amber or brown backbone. Heck, I had a helluva pumpkin porter from Epic last week. I think people who say they hate pumpkin beers just haven't had the right one.

And no wonder, there are a lot of terrible pumpkin beers out there. In fact, most are not worth their weight in water. Pumpkin flavor is very difficult to get in beer, so most breweries rely on pumpkin pie spice to remind the drinker of pumpkins, pie, and thanksgiving dinner at Nana's house. Unfortunately, many brewers are too heavy handed and end up with a spicy, butterscotchy flavor bomb that overpowers the beer behind it. See: Upslope Pumpkin ale.

There are a few breweries who have it dialed. Dogfish Head, I don't love everything you do, but I love the Punkin Ale. Don't ever stop sending it to Colorado. Also, Uinta's Oaked Jacked is definitely worth checking out. 

To celebrate this festive time of year, I carved my own pumpkin ale dispenser. Now, please pass the DFH.


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