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How to fucking clean your kettle or mash tun

Jeremy Short · September 26

You've been brewing up beer for a while and then one brew day you look down in your kettle and realize crap, this fucking thing is looking like shit. Well here's a quick guide on how to get that shit out of there.

Cleanliness is fucking important in brewing. That’s why I am going to say shit and fuck a lot in this post. Got it? Fucking good.  

Here's the shit you're going to have to fucking buy to get ...

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Who makes the best Double IPA?

Jeremy Short · September 20

There are great questions in the world. Questions like how big is the universe?  How and where will tornados form? What’s the best Double IPA? While it would be fun to tackle the first two questions… oh, wait… um… I just drank nine Double IPAs I think … um … yeah, I’ll stick to the last one there on that list. And so, to figure out this conundrum we got together the Denver Tasting Lab and a bunch of DIPAs (with a couple normal IPAs ...

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