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Shirron Plate Chiller Review

Jeremy Short · April 2


We’re on a plate chiller writing spree at Pintwell! While Chris is a fan of the Duda Diesel, for the money I think the Shirron Plate Chiller is a solid choice. At a touch less than $100 the Shirron Plate Chiller is cheaper than many immersion chillers you will find out there. And it’s compact and does the job. I can cool down my wort to pitching temps in half the time it takes me with my immersion chiller.

The Good

It’s the most affordable plate chiller out there. It’s small, which might not make it a good solution for brewers who brew over 5 gallon batches. But if you brew 5 gallons this will easily get the job done. Time! Chilling sucks and a plate chiller will cut down on the amount of time you spend watching that thermometer drop to 70 degrees. Plus you use less water!

Do you need a pump?

Nope. Because of it’s size it’s possible to gravity feed through this plate chiller. I bought the Shirron Plate Chiller before I had a pump and have gravity feed through it many times. There are a couple things to remember if you’re not going to use a pump. 1) Make sure you have plenty of height between the kettle and the carboy to allow the wort to flow properly. 2) Watch out for air bubbles that get caught between the plates. This can slow down and even stop the flow of wort through the chiller. What works for me is just knocking on the chiller to help push the bubbles through. Be careful! It might be called a chiller but they get damn hot on the wort-in side. Or just go buy a pump and don’t worry about it.  

The Bad

The most annoying part about any plate chiller is the amount of fittings you will need to buy. And you’ll probably want to get some quick disconnects to make it all work easier. While the $100 price may sound cheap up-front you could be spending another $30 just on fittings. Another hit people give plate chillers is that they are hard to clean. Yes, they are harder to clean then immersion chillers, but it’s not that bad. Just check out our guide.

Should you get it?

If you want to shorten your chill time and use less water, absolutely.


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