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Tap Room Tour: Walter's Brewing

Jeremy Short · Aug. 22


There’s a new brewery in Pueblo, Colorado with an old name: Walter’s Brewing Company. While spending a weekend in Pueblo I had a chance to check out Walter’s. Located in a nondescript old warehouse it is easy to walk past the entrance without noticing the small sign just above the door. I had never heard of Walter’s before my visit and had no idea that Walter’s Beer had been a brewery for many, many years in Pueblo before it close in the 1980s. In fact you can find some of the old stuff on eBay. Now it’s back with all the charm of the original Walter’s. I love the classic look of Walter’s logo. Here is a working class beer in a working class town. Everyone should drop their PBRs right now and go get some Walter’s!

The Space

Red. It’s very red in this tap room. Red walls. Red Logo. Red. I like red, but it’s a bit heavy and red ways always remind me of the creepy red restroom in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning. The space is also a bit unfinished. There’s an open space when you first walk in and then the tap room is just beyond the unfinished part. They’re young. They’ll grow into the space. There are no windows in the tap room, but it is cozy in a cave like way. I just realized that I sound sort of negative here—that isn’t my intention. It feels like you're going into your dad’s garage to drink a beer at his old wooden bar that he found for $10 at the flea market. I love that. The brewery itself is a ways back from the taproom. The system they are brewing on comes from the old Del Norte Brewery that closed down a couple years ago.  


The People

Everyone I meet was warm friendly and welcoming. A good mix of regulars and first-timers, like me, sat around the tap room trying out the beers. The vibe is laid back and most people seem to be from around town. Pueblo has a strong and independent community and you will find that character throughout the tap room. There are no record players spinning some eccentric indie band. There are no copies of Beer Advocate sitting on the tables. There are no hipster beards. I didn’t see a sign anywhere that said “organic” or “local.” No one had a laptop sitting on their table. There are only people drinking and enjoying beers. Cheers to that!

The Beer

When I visited only three or four beers were available and all but one of them were lagers. I tried the pilsner and a chili beer. I didn’t have the opportunity to sit around and really think about either of the beers. Both were good and refreshing and that’s all I remember. I think that’s sort of the point though. This is not a place to go get a fancy beer. This is a place to go drink a beer and not think about beer.  

Should you go?

If you’re in Pueblo you would be crazy not to go! If you are in Colorado Springs or any of the nearby towns, I would say it’s worth the trip. If you are in Denver? Well, that’s a pretty damn long drive. Hopefully their beer makes it up here sometime soon. If they can start canning tall boys of the pilsner I am sure some bars in Denver would be happy to carry that classic looking can.

Tap Room Details

Address: 126 Oneida Street - Pueblo, Colorado 81003

Hours: TUE - WED 3PM - 9PM | THU - SAT 2PM - 12AM

Food: Not really. The had some pretzels.

Website: Looks like all they have is a Facebook page for the time being:

Cool for kids?: Yep, I would bring mine.


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