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Drinking Coors Extra Gold from a Wine Glass

Jeremy Short · Feb. 7


This post is part of the Session which is being hosted this month by Literature & Libation. The theme of this month’s session is to review a beer without reviewing a beer. Go it? I am not sure I do either but here is my attempt.

There are beers and then there are great beers and among those greats is Coors Extra Gold. Oh, you think this is satire? No, no, no. Hold it right there, says the belligerent blogger. Take off your fancy craft beer glasses and sit back and enjoy a proper can of Extra Gold. I should note, while I refer to this beer as COORS Extra Gold for some reason the marketing folks at Coors Brewing has basically removed any reference to the Coors brand on the Extra Coors can. Why? I am sure some consultant that was paid a lot of money to say something about maintaining brand identity across a wide platform of mission oriented branded branding brand said something about branding. I digress; I should return to the beer.

But really, why do you like this beer? It uses adjuncts! Adjuncts are evil (dear craft beer fan please take a moment to ignore the historic reason for the usage of adjuncts or the usage of adjuncts in a wide variety of beer styles). That’s all nuts, I say. This beer is light on the wallet and yet full in flavor. I mean look at the beauty. Sure I may have shined it up with a fancy stemmed glass and all but with one sip you’ll understand it’s a perfect beer for what it was brewed for: drinking. Sitting back and not thinking about anything while sipping a Coors Extra Gold to me is what makes this beer great. It also is what makes beer universal. Beer is not always about expensive bombers. Beer is not about out-bidding people on eBay for some exclusive beer that’s only release once a year. Beer is a social drink and Extra Gold comes in 30 packs.

Before I started brewing my own beer or exploring many of the great craft beers out there this was one of my go to beers. One 30 pack of this beer was nearly always found in my small apartment fridge. I admit, it’s rare to find it in my fridge nowadays but I still think of it fondly. If you follow my ramblings on Pintwell you are already may be aware of my appreciation of Coors beers (see here or here or here). It mostly comes from being from Colorado. I feel I should naturally root for the evil empire in my own backyard. Also, I do believe that they make fine beers (see here or here). When a friend brought some to my house recently I couldn’t wait to crack open a can. The last time I had Extra Gold is when I bought it for spiking off-flavors. I approached it this time with a bit of trepidation because I have spent much of the last couple years trying to develop my beer knowledge and my ability to taste and enjoy beer. Would all that craft beer drinking impact this beer and destroy those fine memories? Would I call it some crappy adjunct lager? It’s not unlike watching an old movie or television show you loved as a child and realizing that it was in fact terrible. Did I grow up and out of this beer? Nope! In fact I think I enjoy it more now than I did ten years ago when it was a regular purchase. It’s good to have a cheap beer with flavor that you don’t have to think about and you don’t have to write a review about.  


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