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Carboy Cleaner Review

Chris Jensen · Feb. 11


Cleaning a glass carboy is rough. It's one of my least favorite chores in the brewing process because it's awkward, time consuming and slightly dangerous.

In the past, I used a combination of carboy brush and Soul-Train-style ass shaking to clean my carboys. Only after 15 minutes and 1500 calories burned did I feel confident that there wasn't any junk left clinging to the inside of the vessel.

That is, until I got the Carboy Cleaner a year ago. Ever since, I actually look forward to cleaning my carboy, and can knock the chore out in about a third of the time. I just dump the trub, add a bit of PBW and water, then jam my carboy cleaner (affixed to my hand drill) in and pull the trigger.

I move the cleaner up and down in the carboy in order to distribute the PBW and get the gunk at the top, and within about 30 seconds have removed all of the yeast, hop and trub particulate on the inside of the carboy. Rinse and I'm ready to dry. The Carboy Cleaner just takes a quick rinse with water as the car-wash-style arms don't collect dirt.

Easy peasy, and oh so simple. Why didn't I think of this thing?

You can buy the Carboy Cleaner from Amazon for about $27. They also sell a different brand of the same concept for $20, with prime shipping. 


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