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Homebrewing in the Winter: Tips for Brewing when it's freezing outside

Chris Jensen · January 28

The arctic-freezing-polar-vortex-winter-chillabone is here! It seems like the temps keep getting colder and colder and much of the country can't catch a break, so I thought we should talk about the thing on many brewers' minds this time of year: How the hell am I supposed to mash in when I can't feel my fingers?

Well, rest assured that it can be done, and those freezing temps can actually help you out.


A Few Frosty Pointers:

First, make sure you are well organized ...

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The Craftbeer Infographic Infographic!

Jeremy Short · January 23

I will occasionally get requests to have guest posts on this blog and more often than not that guest post has a handy dandy infographic. I am using the term "info" loosely while the term "graphic" is indeed an accurate statement.  There are hundreds of beer related infographics floating around. And if you follow Jay Brook’s Brookston Beer Bulletin you would have run into his massive collection of beer related infographics. While many of them are quite good and even beautifully designed many of ...

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Wood Brew Stand Plans

Chris Jensen · January 17

I debated for years about what would make my ideal brew stand. There are a million variables including substrate, size, automation, etc. Ultimately, I decided to go with a fairly simple wood stand as I think they are sexy and, more importantly, I could build it myself (I find that those things I can do myself in the home brewery are more rewarding than those I outsource). I do not have strong woodworking skills, but patience and care will go a long ways.

I also ...

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Quick Guide to Light Lagers

Jeremy Short · January 9

Light lagers usually don’t inspire the passions of your everyday home brewer or fancy pants beer drinker. I say to hell with that! This is a great set of beers that doesn't get the respect it deserves. These are challenging beers to produce and when done well are among the most drinkable and enjoyable beers made. There's a reason light lagers dominate beer consumption around the world. I am not saying this as a defence for beers like Bud Light or Coors ...

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Traquair House Ale

Jeremy Short · January 7

I’ve had a harder time keeping up with these posts since my day job started back up. Also, drinking and writing about beers twelve days in a row is more challenging than I had originally anticipated (and expensive). I know this is on the verge of blasphemy, yet it’s true, I don’t always feel like drinking beer when I get home. More so, I don’t feel like writing about beer twelve days in a row because I am super lazy and ...

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Last beer of 2013, Traquair Jacobite Ale

Jeremy Short · January 3

Sometimes you will crack open a bottle of beer and with that first sip you know that you have something special. That’s the case when you open a bottle of Traquair Jacobite Ale. This curious dark ale with coriander and fermented in oak barrels is outstanding. It doesn’t fit neatly into any given style and stands quite on it’s own. That an impressive feat for any beer.

This ale was first brewed in 1995 and is a sort of memorial to the ...

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