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The Craftbeer Infographic Infographic!

Jeremy Short · Jan. 23


I will occasionally get requests to have guest posts on this blog and more often than not that guest post has a handy dandy infographic. I am using the term "info" loosely while the term "graphic" is indeed an accurate statement.  There are hundreds of beer related infographics floating around. And if you follow Jay Brook’s Brookston Beer Bulletin you would have run into his massive collection of beer related infographics. While many of them are quite good and even beautifully designed many of them are dreadful. I mean rip out your eyes out bad. To celebrate this "artform" I’ve created my first infographic which is all about craftbeer infographics. It takes a long time to do all this graphic stuff so I skipped the research side of the whole thing. The full sized version can be found on Flickr.

Craftbeer Infographic Infographic   


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