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The Best Homebrew Control Panel Labels

Chris Jensen · July 2


I've seen a lot of back and forth on the forums out there about the best place to get engraved labels or tags for brewing applications, especially control panels. On his Electric Brewery site, Kal recommends a Canadian firm called Signs Banners Tags. Seems like they do good work, but I emailed them for a quote and never heard back, and shipping from Canada is not going to be as cheap or quick as shipping from the US to my location.

I'd also seen recommendations of trophy shops and checked out two near me. Both charged in the ballpark of $10/tag, which seems high for my purposes.

Then I found a shop online called Precision Engraving & Graphics. Their prices looked reasonable so I gave them a shot. I highly recommend them for many reasons:

  • Their site is easy to use (you can order and design your labels right on their website, no quotes needed)
  • They are responsive - I emailed them with a question and heard back within an hour
  • They are crazy fast - I ordered the tags on Wednesday and had them in hand by Saturday
  • They do good work - the tags look great! 
  • They are cheap - I got 3 tags made and shipped for the price of 1 at other places. If you did more your economies of scale would go up even more!

If you need tags from your brewing, check out Precision and tell them that Pintwell sent you (Pintwell does not get a commission for any of these sales - we just like them!).


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