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Review: The Best Timer for Homebrewing

Chris Jensen · June 18


I never thought much about my timers. When I brewed on the stove I relied on its timer which worked well, and when I moved it outside I primarily relied on my cell phone.

I find the cell phone timer to be awkward, however, as I have to remember to pull it out and start it, and if I’m interrupted with a call or text in the middle I have to navigate back to my timer to figure out where we are in the schedule. Also, I often use my phone to stream music during the brew session, which made it even more challenging. Further, there's always the risk of dropping your phone into the mash, though I'd be impressed if you did that. I tried the timers in BrewSmith, including the mobile versions, but found them to be even more awkward.

So I figured I’d look around on Amazon and eBay to see if I could find a super cheap and simple timer for brew day.

Because of the odd and often lengthy timers I set during a brew day (such as 10 minutes, 45 minutes, 75 minutes), I did not want a timer that required me to push a minute button dozens of times to get to my preferred setting. So I landed on a timer with a 10-key entry mechanism. There are a few decent ones on Amazon, but I decided to go with this Taylor timer which has a large display in addition, so I can see my remaining time while on the other side of the brewery.

I've brewed with the timer a few times now, and it was a great investment. No more fumbling with my phone and we're slightly more punctual on our tasks. It’s loud, so can be heard from a ways away if you walk away from the brew pot, and runs on AAA batteries. Highly recommended! 


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