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Tap Room Tour: TRVE Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 27


If there was ever a post that needed some sort of musical into, this would be it. Since I hate websites that just start playing sounds without warning, let’s just imagine a guitar playing absurdly fast in a dark deep minor chord. A man’s grim voice warns you of impending doom while the drummer slams the bass drum like the heartbeat of Satan. YOU HAVE ENTERED TRVE BREWING. And then there’s me sitting at the bar unconsciously head banging to the dark beat. Yes, take me Dark Lord! And get me a beer!

That’s the basic experience. I have never been to a tap room with such a unique and well defined identity. It is indeed, TRVE. I have been to TRVE Brewing a half dozen times, but it’s probably been over a year since I have been there last. I very much looked forward to coming back this Friday last. And here’s what you can expect if you should seek the dark path.  

The Space

I bet it was cool to go to Home Depot and buy so much black paint. To be fair there is also a lot of grey paint, too. A huge community table stretches from the entrance to the bar. It a beautiful table with interesting light fixtures. The best part of this rap room is the art that includes black and white photos of abandoned housed to a wall of smaller prints. There’s a lot of Gothic, Norse mythology, and general badass themes in the work hanging from these walls. TRVE stays, oh, man this sounds silly, true to their self throughout the space. From the artwork to the labels on their bottles I am drawn to the authenticity of TRVE Brewing. They live and breathe their philosophy.      

The People

The bartenders at TRVE are among the nicest and most helpful in Denver. I’ve never had anything but the best service. Plus everyone is engaged and genuinely seems to love being a part of TRVE. As one would expect, metal fans a bound here. Plus you will find some neighborhood folks, a few random people checking out beer, and then some people who look completely lost but seem embarrassed to just walk back out. Maybe it’s the occult imagery behind the bar that confuses them? I just think it looks awesome. The non-metal fan might be asking: do I belong in such a place? I say yes. Like I said, everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The only down side for someone who might be lacking the ear for metal music is the fact that it is playing constantly and would not be described as subtle background noise. Who knows? Maybe you will go in with a Polo shirt and come out with a horned Norse helm and a pentagram tattoo on your chest.  


The Beer

I want to love the beer at TRVE. Badly! But I don’t quite love it. On this visit I tried every beer on tap (except the unavailable Atma; a Belgian Golden Strong which is my favorite of their beers). I did not try any of their sour beers (the Mythological Occult Ales) on this visit. The beers here are often interpretive of set styles and take unique approaches. Take for example Death Gripper which has the style labeled as a 666Denver Common (a play on a California Common? Maybe). I am immediately drawn to this beer with its lower ABV and its cool name. Yet, with its healthy dose of rye and Falconer's Flight hops the low gravity can’t hold it all together and the beer ends up aggressively dry and a little harsh. Another interesting beer I want to love is the Gose, known as Prehistoric Dog. If you’re not familiar with Gose –don’t feel bad it’s pretty hard to find—it’s a salted wheat beer that has nearly completely disappeared with time. That’s to be expected because a salted beer is, honestly, not very drinkable. I appreciate historic resurrections of different beer styles, but sometimes these beers should just rest in peace. For a summer seasonal I am missing the thirst quenching power that comes more naturally to an un-salted beverage. Outside of those two options there is the Belgian-American Pale Ale, Wanderlust. This is quite drinkable brew and one I could sit back and enjoy a few pints of. The Stout is solid and the IPA with its sticky hops is sure to please most hop heads. In the end, I am more likely to come back for the atmosphere and the people rather than the beer.  

Should you go? 

If you love metal, you would be a fool not to go here. You’ll love this place.  If you’re not a fan of metal than I am not sure the beer is going to make it quite worth your visit. That’s fine. This is a unique place and with its own strongly defined identity it should be around for a long time.

Tap Room Details

Address: 227 Broadway #101 - Denver, Colorado 80203

Hours: TUE - THUR 4PM - 11PM | FRI - SAT 2PM - 12AM | SUN 2PM - 10PM

Food: Bring your own. I am pretty sure they have food trucks regularly, but there’s never been one there when I have visited.


Cool for kids?: If your child’s name is Beowulf and he has a Slayer tattoo on his arm, yeah, totally bring him. Otherwise, I wouldn’t.


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