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Is the Blichmann BoilMaker worth all that money?

Jeremy Short · March 14


When you walk into your local brew shop or look through a homebrew website one kettle looks more fancy than the rest: The Blichmann BoilMaker. Much of the equipment used and found in the homebrew world looks like it was built for something other than brewing beer like cooler mash tuns, turkey fryers or converted kegs. The BoilMaker is one of those fews products that looks purpose built for homebrewing. All the features and designs of the BoilMaker have the homebrewer in mind and they fit seamless together. Plus it’s so shiny and pretty. It’s also on the pricey side. Is it worth that extra money?

For a point of comparison I own both a 8 Gallon MoreBeer Heavy Duty Brew Kettle and a 10 gallon BoilMaker. Here’s the basic point by point comparison of the two:



MoreBeer Brew Kettle





10 Gallon

8 Gallon

Ball Valve

½ 3-Piece stainless

steel ball valve

1/2" Full Port Ball Valve




Sight Glass



Bling Factor


Not shiny

Free Shipping



Just looking from a straight comparison the MoreBeer kettle has basically all of the same features and is an excellent choice at $40 less (plus you get free shipping). I love mine and have been using it for a couple years now. So if you are making your choice purely on price the MoreBeer kettle is the way to go.

But, yet, I would still spend the extra $40. The BoilMaker wins the battle in the little details.

Size: 2 extra gallons means I’ve been able to pack 25 lbs of grain into the BoilMaker. That’s a big deal if you’re someone brewing up stronger brews. Also the BoilMaker is taller and thinner which I’ve found to be easier to manage for both storage and brew stand setup.

Valve: The 3-piece comes apart easy and is easier to clean. It also has a little lock to keep the valve shut (this is very valuable when you have children who will sneak up behind you and try to open up the valve).

Thermometer. The Blichmann BrewMometer comes with a little guides for your mash. This might not be all that essential but it’s a cool feature.

Sight Glass: The BoilMaker has a built in sight glass that is easy to clean and sits tightly up against the kettle. You don’t have to worry about knocking up against something and breaking it.

False Bottom: The Blichmann False Bottom is badass. Since it sits right at the bottom you’re not left with the large empty space that you get with the MoreBeer False Bottom.

Shipping: This is annoying and the one negative. I hate paying for shipping when spending this much money online.

Still, over the course of many many brew days each of these little things add up and that extra $40 is totally worth it. And now that I am upgrading some of my equipment I am going to purchase a second BoilMaker for my setup.




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