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How to Wire a Pump to Your Brew Stand (and other simple applications)

Chris Jensen · March 21


Upon building the Bad Larry wood brew stand, I knew I wanted to include simple electrical to run a pump and my heatstick. I debated about the simplest (and safest) way to do this, looking for a solution that was functional but which also looked clean. I eventually landed on a solution that allowed me quick and easy access to control the pump and heatstick, while incorporating the primary safety elements I was concerned with.

Please note that I am not an electrician, so be sure to consult an electrician before following any of this advice. Electricity in your brewing system can be a very dangerous thing, so make sure you know what you are doing! With that said, I used 12AWG wire across the board to accomodate my heatstick which runs 2000 watts. I used outlets and switches rated for 20A each, contained in waterproof enclosures. And I ran the heatstick and pump to two separate 20A circuits.

For convenience (and aesthetic) the heatstick and pump run through the same junction box with 2 waterproof switches. Each switch was on a totally separate circuit. The pump is powered by a regular extension cord connected to an inlet, which allows me to store the cord when not in use.

The heatstick has a fairly short cord the plugs into an outlet at the back of the brew stand so it's out of the way. When not using the heatstick, I can use that outlet to control other electrical elements such as a pond pump or vacuum.

Eventually, I may wire a temp controller to automate my RIMS process, but my system has been working so well I've not been compelled to explore that yet. Maybe someday soon...


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