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Encore Post: Beer for Thanksgiving

Pintwell · November 26

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you should be thinking about what beers you are going to pair with the preparation and devouring of your Thanksgiving feast. Pintwell is here to help! Last year we prepared a  comprehensive list of the best brews for Thanksgiving, and, looking back, our opinions really haven't changed all that much. These are *still* great beers to bring to thanskgiving. So, without further ado, here is an encore of our post on the best beers for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around ...

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Homebrewer Gift Ideas

Pintwell · November 19

One thing we have done consistently here at Pintwell is coming up with gift ideas for homebrewers every year. Just check out this list and this list (in case the new one here isn't enough). Why are we so good about doing this list every year? Because we want all this stuff, too! We just need to get our famlies to read our blog so they know what to buy us every Christmas. 

It's interesting to see how our list changes each year ...

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How to Cap Your Beer Without a Capper

Chris Jensen · November 15

Sometimes you gotta improvise.

I don't bottle frequently as, like most, I much prefer the convenience of kegging. But I do like to bottle my special beers or beers that do well with aging, which means I find myself bottling at least 2-3 batches a year.

Last weekend, I finally got around to bottling my holiday beer (a Trappist-style Belgian strong dark ale). I had a number of 29mm mouth bombers on hand that I'd been saving for a special brew such as ...

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