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Homebrewer Gift Ideas

Pintwell · Nov. 19


One thing we have done consistently here at Pintwell is coming up with gift ideas for homebrewers every year. Just check out this list and this list (in case the new one here isn't enough). Why are we so good about doing this list every year? Because we want all this stuff, too! We just need to get our famlies to read our blog so they know what to buy us every Christmas. 

It's interesting to see how our list changes each year. You can kind of get an idea of what our latest beer explorations are. This year? Temperature control looks to be something we are checking out. Without any further introduction here's your holiday gift ideas for 2015!

For the person who wants to start homebrewing:

If you want to something for someone who wants to get started with homebrewing check out these starter kits:

  • Kit Number 1 Priced at $69 it's not a bad deal, but you do need to make sure you also have a big 5 gallon kettle. 
  • Kit Number 3 A bit more pricey with the kit starting at $215. This kit will setup the new brewer with just about everything.  

Between the two of these I would go with the cheaper one to start, unless you know your future homebrewer is insane and will go out and buy all this stuff anyway. 

I would also add on a recipe kit. They are great way to get into homebrewing without the fuss of figuring out a recipe. Plus everything is already measured out for you. The BrewMaster malt extract series would be a good place to start. You might even find your favorite beer there!

For the person who has been brewing for a while and wants their yeast to have a blissful steady temperature:

Fermentation temp is arguably the most important part of brewing a great beer. Pick up a dual stage temp controller so you can keep your beer warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here are our favorites:

  • Black Box: Though not as well known as the Johnson, it has more features at a cheaper price. Check out our review
  • Johnson: better known brand than the Black Box, and also gets great reviews

And, while you're at it, you might as well pick up a fermentation fridge as well! A 7.0 cu. ft unit should be perfect.

The list for I like this guy but I don't really want to blow $40 on him:

  • At $25 this Mash Paddle is a nice addition to any homebrew's set of gear (I for example still have a cheap plastic one). 
  • Star San - everyone needs sanitizer. There is never a time that this isn't a solid choice. Sure it's boring as hell, but your homebrewer needs it.
  • Hop Spider: chances are the DIY homebrewing nerd in your life is slowly poisoning himself by using a PVC-based hop spider. Save his or her life and pick up one of these well-built hop spiders from MoreBeer (be sure to pick up an o-ring to go with it).

Ideas for someone you like a lot but not quite enough to drop a $100 on:

  • Hop Filter: We've also been eyeing one of these all stainless jobbers from Utah Biodiesel if you love your homebrewer even more. This serves the same purpose as the Hop Spider above, so no need to get both.
  • Home Kegging Kit - If your homebrew still uses bottles you will make their day with one of these!
  • Super rad thermometer: the Range Thermometer connects to your iPhone to give you quick, accurate and trackable temperature readings. A great gift for the tech-nerd in your life, though only those that have an iPhone (sorry Android users)

Money doesn't mean anything to me and I care deeply about this homebrewer and want to make Christmas a super special day:

  • Conical fermenter: I suggest this every year and every year nobody gets one for me. Maybe that's because most run upwards of $600! Check out this beautiful and inexpensive option from MoreBeer instead: the Brew Bucket Fermenter.
  • I am not giving a full on recommendation on this one because 1) I have never used one and 2) I think it might be a total waste of money; but, regardless, I am including it on this portion of the list because nothing says I have too much money then The Beer Bug a WiFi capable fermentation monitor! Bring your fermentation into the real of Science Fiction with this odd device. How did we ever brew beer before this?! Oh yeah, we just looked at the bubbles coming out of the airlock. 
  • Now this one, I REALLY WANT: The Braumeister All Electric Brewing System of Awesome. Look at that thing! Sooo pretty! I've reached a point where the convenience of a push button system would be a welcomed change. It is a bit pricy and, oh yeah, you need to get a German 220 outlet installed to run the damn thing. Still... I WANT IT!




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