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How homebrewing changed the way I see beer

Jeremy Short · Oct. 2


This post is part of the Session, which Pintwell is hosting! How exciting, right? Anyway, I asked something about how does brewing beer change the way you think about beer?

First, I should confess, I picked a terrible time to host the session. The Great American Beer Festival is in full swing as I write, and there’s too much going on to give this post the kind of attention that it deserves. Well… here it goes anyway (if a wee bit short). Before homebrewing, I really didn’t think about beer at all. I had never seen a hop or even knew what a hop did to a beer. I suppose we’re all like that at some point, but when you brew your first beer you get thrown into learning a lot about beer.

Hops. If there is one good thing about homebrewing you get to learn about hops. You get to learn about how bitter they can make a beer, but you also get to learn all those great flavor profiles and different hop regions. I remember the first time I went into a homebrew store and looked at the huge selection of hops and wondered, is it possible that hops have this many types of flavors and aromas? Indeed, it is. Brewing gives you easy access to learn about hops. You could learn about hops by purchasing a ton of different beers at the liquor store, but a lot easier to go buy a bag of citra hops at the homebrew store and get a big whiff of them.

Lagers. This was a big shift for me. I never quite appreciated them before I started to brew. I would drink them, but they were nothing special. Now, knowing how difficult it is to make a good one? I love them. A well made lager is a great way to enjoy a beer.

Off flavors. When you homebrew, you will mess up. It will happen. No way around it. And hey, commercial breweries mess up, too. There is a plus to screwing up a batch of beer. Learning! There’s no better way to learn about diacetyl, or acetaldehyde, or the many many other ways you can mess up your beer by messing up your beer. After a while you might start to suspect some the breweries you thought that you loves.

I did want to say more, and will at some point later. But, basically, this is what homebrewing did for me.




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