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Session 92 Roundup

Jeremy Short · Oct. 6



Session 92 has come and gone. If you haven’t had a chance, you should read through some of the great contributions below! I have to say it’s quite interesting to play host for the Session and see how people approach the question you ask. In the collection below, you will see many people tackled, in one way or another, my question: does homebrewing turn you into a pretentious asshole? So does it? Well, you will just have to read all the posts below to find out! If I missed your post, please send me an email or comment below and I will add your post to the list.

  • Dan Conley at Community Beer Works points out that “It’s just beer” as he debates the finer points of aging your homebrew. He also has a bonus Walt Whitman quote and a soundtrack!
  • Glen Humphries from Beer is Your Friend takes on each of my questions one by one, and points out: “It’s hard to be a pretentious asshole when you know there’s a chance your beer will end up with an infection.” So true.
  • The Beer Nut takes us on a journey to Rye River Brewery for his post. And points out the perils of Summit hops. I nod my head in agreement. I do wish he had a picture of the pilot system at Rye River (fingers crossed that he adds it to the post).
  • At The Tale Of The Ale, Reuben Gray shows us his future “man cave” and homebrewing home. I want one, too!
  • Over at Literature & Libation, Oliver Gray connects the dots between creating a blog and creating a beer. I love this particular connection: “To be done well, both require relatively large time (and sometimes financial) investments, with little to no return outside of personal satisfaction and some loose concept that all this practice might be beneficial at some ill-defined point in the future. They are, as far as hobbies go, poorly calculated risks that would make any actuary worth his spreadsheets cringe and run in mathematical terror.”
  • Sean Inman’s Beer Search Party provides a non-homebrewers view point and makes the great argument that he can “give constructive criticism that is different from the advice offered by fellow home brewers.”
  • Boak and Bailey make a statement that I fully agree with and something I think about constantly when visiting a brewery or the liquor store: “we resent paying for beers that are no better than we could turn out ourselves.” AMEN.
  • Derrick Peterman at Ramblings of a Beer Runner makes an interesting connection between running and homebrewing while pointing out, “brewing beer is a royal pain in the ass.” I do feel like I have to answer his question do “passionate homebrewers actually enjoy the act of brewing” as much as he enjoys running? I can answer for myself in saying, yes! I very much love staring into boiling wort and waiting to add hops. Although, I am not a huge fan of clean up.
  • Alan McLeod provides the best quote of the group with: “Home brewing allowed me to spot pretentious assholes... or, to be fair, arseholes.” He also suggest jumping right into “all-malt stuff” -- I have to agree. Go for it.
  • It’s Not Just the Alcohol Talking’s Derek Harrison gives anoth answer to the pretensious asshole question: “So maybe I am a pretentious asshole, but I’d say I’m more like a bass player who cringes when he hears somebody play bass badly, especially if I’m paying for the pleasure.”
  • Alan McCormick of Growler Fills notes that brewing didn’t impact that way he sees beer, but he does take the reader into some interesting dissections of homebrewers based off judging several homebrew competitions.

Oh yeah, Chris and I both wrote for this Session as well. It’s somewhere on this site.


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