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Brew More, Blog More

Jeremy Short · Jan. 31


If you are one of those few people who keep up with the comings and goings of Pintwell you probably noticed we were a bunch of slackers last year. There are plenty of reasons (good and bad) on why the amount of posting dropped significantly last year. Chris talks a bit about his reasons in this post. My reasons are all about the same. I got a new job, children take up a lot time, and I have hardly homebrewed. Sad. So so sad. Well it’s a New Year--I am still claiming that even though this is the last day of January--and a New Year means I can set new goals to fail at. Yeah! For 2016 two of my goals are simple: brew more and blog more.

I think I brewed 4 times total last year and not once in the last six months of the year. Yikes. I HAD TO BUY MY BEER ALREADY MADE. Weird, right? Part of my reasons for not brewing I summed up in this post about my home brewing process. To help improve my brew days I tried 1) going back to extract. Boo. Once you go all-grain it’s hard to go back. 2) I tried Brew-in-the-Bag which was ok… except for the whole steaming hot bag of grain part. 3) I finally got an electric system which feels amazing so far. I am only one batch in, but I think I am in love with my new electric system. I am not going to say what it is so that I have a reason to BLOG MORE. Look for a future post in the not so distant future about that. I promise. For 2016, my goal is to brew once a month. I might need to find some people to drink all that beer though.

I actually wrote more blog posts last year than I brewed. And by more, I mean one. I posted five times last year. I think I can do better than that this year. At one time my goal was once a week. That might be a tad ambitious going into 2016. I think twice a month would be a nice improvement. To help reach that goal I am going to start writing about a bit more than homebrewing. Don’t get me wrong, it will still mostly be homebrewing, but I might have to explore some new territory to keep this whole blogging thing fresh. Blogging after all is a terribly weird thing. You spend a bunch of time writing (maybe even editing), thinking about what to write and then put it out there and wonder if anyone is reading. Or more importantly, does anyone even care? Pintwell get a decent amount of traffic, so I guess some people do read all of this stuff, but it’s also possible that it’s a bunch of robots from China. Who knows for sure.

Now that 2016 is rolling, let’s see just how well I can do both of these things. Oh no, I am only going to have one post in January, I am already behind. Oh well.


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