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The Grainfather: A bargin or a bust?

Jeremy Short · March 30

After brewing up three batches of beer on my new Grainfather I can now say whether all my pre-purchase research (documented here) was worth it. Quick answer: yes! I am pumped about  this thing and it’s inspired me to get back to brewing. While It’s not perfect it hits everything I was looking for in an electric homebrew system. Let’s dig into this system and find the good and the bad.

First thing I was excited about when the Grainfather arrived was ...

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Holy shit, Chris Bosh is blogging about beer (and maybe owns a Blichmann)

Jeremy Short · March 30

I follow a ton of blogs on RSS. Beer blogs. News blogs. Sports blogs. There are a shit ton of blogs to follow. Including this one! You should follow this one and you can do it here. Anyway, check this out! It’s a picture of Chris Bosh next sitting next to a Blichmann!

What!?!?? Does Chris Bosh homebrews??? Oh, man, I hope so. As a homebrew fan, and a basketball fan this is my dream combo. Come on, Bosh, brew up some beer with ...

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I love Belgium

Chris Jensen · March 24

Tragedies like the one that occurred in Brussels earlier this week are never easy to process, but it always seems a little harder when they occur in a place you love. That is certainly true of Belgium for me. I've only spent a week there, but during that time I feel in love with the friendly people, the quaint countryside towns, the delectable food and the unassumingness of it all. Of course, I was already in love with the beer, which was one of ...

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A few random links...

Jeremy Short · March 18

We usually don't post too many random links on this site, but I did want to point out a few cool things that don't totally fit into a post that you would normal find here. 

First, you can check out a fun interview I did with At The Hops and listen to me ramble about mouthfeel and go over some of the points from this article I wrote a while back. 

Second, here's one of the few times were my day job ...

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