Holy shit, Chris Bosh is blogging about beer (and maybe owns a Blichmann)

Jeremy Short · March 30


I follow a ton of blogs on RSS. Beer blogs. News blogs. Sports blogs. There are a shit ton of blogs to follow. Including this one! You should follow this one and you can do it here. Anyway, check this out! It’s a picture of Chris Bosh next sitting next to a Blichmann!

What!?!?? Does Chris Bosh homebrews??? Oh, man, I hope so. As a homebrew fan, and a basketball fan this is my dream combo. Come on, Bosh, brew up some beer with me! Well, as it turns out, a search for the term “homebrew” on his site yielded zero results. I am still holding out hope that he owns and uses that Blichmann. How else does he end up in that picture? Do the Blichmann guys really have that sort of marketing power?

What about the blog post… you may be asking. Or, maybe as a beer geek, you are asking: who is Chris Bosh? Seriously, you don’t know who Chris Bosh is? Come on, man. Check out this Chris Bosh highlight reel:


Damn! Who wouldn’t want to homebrew with this guy?!? Ok, back to his blog post which is entitled: Best Beers for a Barbeque. Solid. Who wouldn’t want to know this? His suggestion is pretty straight forward:

One of the cool things I like to do with beer is layer different ones to complement what I’m cooking. Grilled meats usually have that charred taste from the grill, so a beer with roasted flavors—something like a porter—does the trick for a nice pairing. A newer craze that’s been around for a while is black IPAs. You get that roasted flavor along with the hoppiness of an IPA. I tried it for the first time a few months ago and loved it. So if you’re having a burger, these beers go perfectly!

I am in! That seems like a great suggestion to me. He goes on to add: “For the more advanced beer drinker, a dark lager or an amber is awesome.” Boom! I am in. That’s totally something I would say on this blog! This is the one moment in my life where I can pretend that I am as cool as Chrish Bosh (side note: I am not as cool as Chris Bosh). You should check out Chris’s blog and pick up some black IPAs for your next barbeque. I know I am. Beer, Barbeque, and Basketball!

Chris, if you are reading this, I would be happy to come and hombrew with you. Please just let me know when I should fly out to Miami.



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