From Firkins to Ponies: the many ways to measure the volume of beer

Jeremy Short · February 4

There is a surprisingly vast array of ways to measure how much beer you got. Vast! And each of these measurements can get a bit confusing. For example the US and the UK use pints, but while they have the same name they're not the same thing. Why? Because it's more exciting that way. Here's my attempt to sort some of these measurements out.

Let's start with things that fit in your hand, and given the name of this blog I ...

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The Session #60: WTF is a Growler

Jeremy Short · February 3

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This month's topic comes from Kendall Jones at Washington Beer Blog.

The first time I homebrewed the friend who walked me through the process told me he would pick up a couple growlers beforehand. WTF s a growler, I asked. He replied simply, it's just a glass jug for beer. Oh. Well that's simple enough. And, if homebrew isn't available, there's nothing quite like a fresh beer from a local brewery to ...

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Calculating Finishing Gravity with a Refractometer is Nuts

Jeremy Short · January 21

Santa kindly gave me a Refractometer for Christmas this year, which rocked because it was on my list of gifts for your favorite homebrewer. And just a couple of weeks ago I brewed up a doppelbock and got to try my new toy out. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Geeky. Easy to read. Rather badass looking. I was happy. Then I went to take a reading after fermentation had slowed down and got a sky-high reading. Wait? Did I under-pitch? Was the ...

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The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

Jeremy Short · January 6

The Session is a monthly beer blogging topic. This is my first time participating and oddly enough the topic isn’t about beer.

I almost always drink beer, but when I don’t I drink… I drink. Well, I mean, I guess… this is a harder question than it seems. Water. Water is nice. But that seems a bit boring. What about coffee? I do drink a lot of coffee when I am not drinking beer.  And coffee is brewed. Brewed, hey, that’s kind ...

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Great Beer at Tallgrass Brewing in Manhattan... Kansas

Jeremy Short · January 5

My wife comes from Manhattan. No, not the cool one, the one in Kansas. Yep, the Little Apple. And yes, this home to Kansas State University, does refer to itself as the Little Apple. In fact her childhood home is just south of Houston Street, so you could technically say she’s from SoHo, Manhattan. We end up visiting the Little Apple a few times a year and with any place I visit I consider it a kind of duty to locate the local breweries ...

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Cleaning out used beer bottles for your homebrew

Jeremy Short · December 28

I'll start out by saying this is probably one of the least exciting aspects of homebrewing. Bottling will never rank as exciting and the process of getting ready to bottle? Yeah, not a lot of fun here. Nonetheless this is a key part in sharing and enjoying homebrew and I guess it does have a kind of meditative quality. Meditative? Is that the word?

Anyway, let’s start with what bottles do you want: brown ones! Don’t even bother with clear or green ...

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Gifts for Your Favorite Homebrewer

Jeremy Short · December 14

If you're not a homebrewer but you want to get a gift for a homebrewer you might have no idea where to start. So start here! Here is a list of a few things that most hombrewers would enjoy getting under the Christmas tree. Well, at least, these are gifts I would like to see under the Christmas tree. All of these gifts are fairly universal and would be great for everyone from the beginner to the advanced homebrewer.

Looking for more?  Be sure ...

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Drunk Driver Crashing into a DUI Checkpoint is a Good Reminder Not to Drink and Drive

Jeremy Short · December 10

 It always good to remember that drinking and driving is a bad idea, but sometimes a story of stupidity helps illustrate that point even better. Take for example the story of the North Carolina man who ran his car into a mobile DUI checkpoint lab. The checkpoint had closed for the evening, but the driver of the ’89 Chevrolet Camaro still thought to stop. Well I guess you can call that a type of stop. Luckily no one in the lab was injured during the ...

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Copper Kettle Brewing: Drink a Beer Here

Jeremy Short · December 10

There are a bunch of breweries in the Denver area that are relatively new, and one that I’ve finally taken the time to visit is Copper Kettle Brewing Company. Why didn’t I check this place out sooner? What a cozy place this is. Good beer, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service ensure my return. You can watch a football game without feeling overwhelmed with screaming fans and flashing lights. Easy going is kind of a theme to this establishment. And that suits me well ...

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Stranded Alaskan Survives by Eating Frozen Coors Light Like a Can of Beans

Jeremy Short · December 6

Yeah, that's right, Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska went on an adventure in his Toyota Tacoma only to get stuck in a snowdrift with just a few cans of Coors Light to keep him going. Stranded in his truck for over 60 hours with the temperature dropping to 12 below (that's not a windchill temperature) Vial found the Coors Light. Since the beer was frozen Vial "ate the beers like a can of beans." Awesome. Vial explains to the Anchorage Daily News, "I ...

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Natty Light in Space Almost Makes Natty Light Cool

Jeremy Short · November 29

Here's yet another big beer making their beer can doing something crazy in attempt to make their beer more interesting. God forbid that they actually just brew a good beer. A couple weeks ago Red Stripe turned their empty beer cans into a speaker array and now we have Natty Light tossing a can of beer into space. As a dork, I think this space one is much cooler and the video is well worth a watch. I guess when you have a beer ...

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