Tap Room Tour: Station 26 Brewing Co.

Jeremy Short · May 30

There are a few brewers in and around Denver. And by a few I mean a ton. Regretfully, I’ve only seen a few of them and haven’t had a chance to check out many of the new ones that have popped up here and there. That must be fixed! During the summer my day job lets up a bit so I plan to take advantage of those few extra free hours to go explore some these breweries. I am hoping to hit up ...

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Book Review: Steve Hindy's 'The Craft Beer Revolution'

Jeremy Short · May 28

Over the last few decades, much has changed across the American beer landscape. The rows of beer at my neighborhood liquor store have morphed from a few American lagers into a dizzying array of IPAs, stouts, sours, and more IPAs. To be fair I am not old enough to remember quite how bleak the beer landscape once was, but Steve Hindy is and he has wrapped up these changes in his new book The Craft Beer Revolution. From the title, and the inside slip of ...

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Colorado still has a lot of great homebrew competitions coming up

Jeremy Short · May 20

I've just updated our Colorado 2014 list of homebrew competitions and there's a bunch of new ones to start brewing for!

Know of any we are missing? Send me a note and I will happy to get it up there (jeremy (a) pintwell (.) com). 

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3 Tips for All Grain Brewing: What I Wish I Knew

Chris Jensen · May 14

It took me a long time to make the leap to all grain brewing, much longer than for most people. It was 13 years between my first brew and my first all grain brew, and 5 years from when I got serious until I went all grain. Frankly, I thought it sounded like a pain in the ass, and I was already producing award winning beer that, more importantly, I enjoyed drinking. I was reluctant to drop the expense associated with all that added equipment ...

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What's wrong with Beer Glassware in the US?

Chris Jensen · May 7

I’m sick of the pint glass. Although simple and durable, it lacks personality compared to its Central European counterparts. More importantly, it’s definitely not optimized to enhance the aroma and flavor of most of the beers served within. Ordinary bitter? OK. But IPA? The pint glass cannot do it justice.

In Belgium and much of Germany, each brand has it’s own distinct style of glass featuring a unique shape that is meant to highlight the characteristics of that brand’s beer. The ...

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What is it like going to Stone's Liberty Station with two young kids while you have a cold?

Jeremy Short · April 30

Cough, cough. Sneeze. Drink some water. Hmm, the beer bottle list is pretty impressive. Cough. Hey, where did my son go? No, don't put your hand in that pond. Sit over here. Sneeze. Cough... Cough. Cough. I'll take the ordinary bitter.

San Diego has a great beer scene. There are a bunch of famous breweries and even a cool place to check out yeast http://www.whitelabs.com/. In my view, any place you can check out yeast is cool. I like beer ...

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Where to get CO2 in Denver: Fills + Exchanges

Chris Jensen · April 9

In the past I've had a difficult time tracking down a great place to have my kegorator's CO2 tank refilled in the greater Denver area. Places are inconsistent, prices are all over the map, and a lot of places (like grow shops) only offer 20 lb tanks.

I've compliled a short list of friendly shops that will fill or exchange your CO2 tank for a reasonable price.

Shop Area Address Price Fill/Exchange
Centennial Tap Berkeley 1930 W 41st Ave, Denver, CO ...
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Shirron Plate Chiller Review

Jeremy Short · April 2

We’re on a plate chiller writing spree at Pintwell! While Chris is a fan of the Duda Diesel, for the money I think the Shirron Plate Chiller is a solid choice. At a touch less than $100 the Shirron Plate Chiller is cheaper than many immersion chillers you will find out there. And it’s compact and does the job. I can cool down my wort to pitching temps in half the time it takes me with my immersion chiller.

The Good

It’s ...

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How to Clean and Sanitize Your Plate Chiller

Chris Jensen · April 2

As we discussed last week, I’m on the plate chiller/heat exchanger train and couldn’t be happier. One of my primary concerns about making the leap to a plate chiller was the sanitization and clean-up process. I definitely did not want to add more work to an already crowded brew day.

To my pleasant surprise, I have found that with a little planning both sanitizing and clean-up are as easy, if not easier, than they were on my immersion chiller set up.

To ...

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Why Does My Beer Smell Like Butter?

Jeremy Short · March 26

If you're here, you may have just cracked up in a bottle of homebrew and took a big whiff of butter from your pint glass. Yum, butter? Wait, this isn't supposed to smell like butter. What happened to my beer? And just maybe you took a swig of that beer and there is is again: butter. Not cool. You, my friend, have diacetyl. Adding a butter aroma and flavor, Diacetyl is one of the more common off-flavors found in beer. So what causes ...

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Duda Diesel Plate Chiller Review

Chris Jensen · March 26

I've used an immersion chiller since I started brewing regularly 7 years ago. Prior to that I used an ice bath, so at the time thought it was quite an upgrade. The immersion chiller worked well enough for my purposes, especially when I used to do partial boils, so I thought that a CFC or plate chiller was just overkill. When I started doing 10 gallon batches, I added a pond pump and a whirlpool arm to my chiller so to improve my chilling ...

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