Jeremy Short

Jeremy likes beer. He likes it so much he made this blog to waste time writing about beer. He's a BJCP National Beer Judge and brews whenever his children allow him to (and when he has available keg space). You can talk to Jeremy by emailing him jeremy(a) or through @pintwell on Twitter. 

The Grainfather: A bargin or a bust?

Jeremy Short · March 30

After brewing up three batches of beer on my new Grainfather I can now say whether all my pre-purchase research (documented here) was worth it. Quick answer: yes! I am pumped about  this thing and it’s inspired me to get back to brewing. While It’s not perfect it hits everything I was looking for in an electric homebrew system. Let’s dig into this system and find the good and the bad.

First thing I was excited about when the Grainfather arrived was ...

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Holy shit, Chris Bosh is blogging about beer (and maybe owns a Blichmann)

Jeremy Short · March 30

I follow a ton of blogs on RSS. Beer blogs. News blogs. Sports blogs. There are a shit ton of blogs to follow. Including this one! You should follow this one and you can do it here. Anyway, check this out! It’s a picture of Chris Bosh next sitting next to a Blichmann!

What!?!?? Does Chris Bosh homebrews??? Oh, man, I hope so. As a homebrew fan, and a basketball fan this is my dream combo. Come on, Bosh, brew up some beer with ...

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A few random links...

Jeremy Short · March 18

We usually don't post too many random links on this site, but I did want to point out a few cool things that don't totally fit into a post that you would normal find here. 

First, you can check out a fun interview I did with At The Hops and listen to me ramble about mouthfeel and go over some of the points from this article I wrote a while back. 

Second, here's one of the few times were my day job ...

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How to Choose an Electric Homebrew System

Jeremy Short · February 6

Maybe a better way to title this post would be, How I Choose My Electric Brew System but I am totally trying to get you to click/find my link on Google. Did it work? Did you click on my link? Yes? Well good news for both of us! I think you will find this article both invigorating and rewarding (mostly)! As a fellow homebrewer you may have followed a similar path as me. I started homebrewing on the stove, then I moved outside with ...

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Brew More, Blog More

Jeremy Short · January 31

If you are one of those few people who keep up with the comings and goings of Pintwell you probably noticed we were a bunch of slackers last year. There are plenty of reasons (good and bad) on why the amount of posting dropped significantly last year. Chris talks a bit about his reasons in this post. My reasons are all about the same. I got a new job, children take up a lot time, and I have hardly homebrewed. Sad. So so sad. Well ...

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The 2015 Homebrewer's Christmas Wish List

Jeremy Short · December 10

While I haven't had time to brew much lately, I've had plenty of time to dream about new brew gear I’d like to add to my collection. And with Christmas coming up, here’s what I am hoping to have in my homebrewer’s stocking. Ok, none of this will probably fit in a stocking, but you get the point. If you’re out there looking for a gift for your favorite homebrewer here’s a few idea (or me. You can ...

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Is Pilsner Urquell better in a can or a bottle?

Jeremy Short · April 3

This post is part of the Session. The MicroBrewr is hosting Session 98 and asks: cans or bottles?

Walking through the liquor store I noticed a selection of fancy pint sized cans of Pilsner Urquell. Pilsner Urquell in a can! Did God finally answer my prayers?! I snapped it off the shelf as fast as a kid ripping of the cookie jar. Then I stopped and wondered… does it really matter? Is a can any better than a bottle. Well as luck would have it ...

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Drinking Beer in Boston... an Express Tour

Jeremy Short · March 31

With a little time left over from a business trip, I squeezed in a quick tour of the Boston beer scene. Limited by time, and also transportation, I knew that I wouldn't get the best beer tour, but, hey, I had to give it a try. With six hours there is a lot one can accomplish (especially with a powerful thirst for beer). The other restriction in my beer journey: weather. I visited the last week of February and snow was still stacked several ...

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Hey, Pintwell is four years old!

Jeremy Short · February 27

I just realized that the month of February was about to go past without a single Pintwell post. The shame! I also realized that February is Pintwell's birthday. Double shame! So here is a short post to make sure something goes up this month before the calendar flips to March. Both Chris and I have been busy with our day jobs which has limited our posting lately. Don't fret, new posts will soon come. I have a few half written posts and a ...

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I think I went too far with my homebrewing gear

Jeremy Short · January 2

I love to homebrew. And guess what? I haven’t homebrewed for the last four months. I have a long list of reason for that (work, children, school, etc), but that’s rarely stopped me before. What’s actually holding me back the most is that I’ve gone too far. My homebrewing gear and setup are weighing me down. It takes too long to setup. The brew day went from a couple hours to nearly six hours. Those are six great hours, but it ...

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Session 92 Roundup

Jeremy Short · October 6


Session 92 has come and gone. If you haven’t had a chance, you should read through some of the great contributions below! I have to say it’s quite interesting to play host for the Session and see how people approach the question you ask. In the collection below, you will see many people tackled, in one way or another, my question: does homebrewing turn you into a pretentious asshole? So does it? Well, you will just have to read all the posts below ...

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