Jeremy Short

Jeremy likes beer. He likes it so much he made this blog to waste time writing about beer. He's a BJCP National Beer Judge and brews whenever his children allow him to (and when he has available keg space). You can talk to Jeremy by emailing him jeremy(a) or through @pintwell on Twitter. 

How homebrewing changed the way I see beer

Jeremy Short · October 2

This post is part of the Session, which Pintwell is hosting! How exciting, right? Anyway, I asked something about how does brewing beer change the way you think about beer?

First, I should confess, I picked a terrible time to host the session. The Great American Beer Festival is in full swing as I write, and there’s too much going on to give this post the kind of attention that it deserves. Well… here it goes anyway (if a wee bit short). Before homebrewing ...

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The Session #92: I Made This

Jeremy Short · September 5

We're hossting The Session a monthly beer blogging topic! And here's the topic to write about for October 3, 2014.

As I scanned through the list of the past 91 sessions I found only one about homebrewing. Only one? Well, we are here to rectify that with Session #92. I know that many beer bloggers don’t homebrew, so don’t worry I am going to keep this simple and straightforward.

The idea of this session is how making something changes your relationship ...

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My First Belgian

Jeremy Short · September 5

This post is part of the Session which is being hosted this month by Belgian Smaak. The theme of this month’s session is Belgian Beer and the rules are wide open. We’ll be hosting the Session next month, which you can check out here.

There are a few beers that when you drink them for the first time they burn into your memory. You never forget them. Just like the first time I had Blue Moon. Ha! Sorry, I just had to say ...

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Tap Room Tour: Walter's Brewing

Jeremy Short · August 22

There’s a new brewery in Pueblo, Colorado with an old name: Walter’s Brewing Company. While spending a weekend in Pueblo I had a chance to check out Walter’s. Located in a nondescript old warehouse it is easy to walk past the entrance without noticing the small sign just above the door. I had never heard of Walter’s before my visit and had no idea that Walter’s Beer had been a brewery for many, many years in Pueblo before it close ...

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Who makes the best Pilsner?

Jeremy Short · August 13

One of my all around favorite beer styles is the always drinkable pilsner. So when Billy suggested a pilsner blind tasty for our next Denver Tasting Lab get together I got a little excited. Nah, I was VERY excited. Going into this tasting I already had some favorite pilsners to cheers on which would make the results all the more exciting. Man, I used the word excite way too much in that paragraph.

The Beers

Generally we stuck with German Style Pilsners which feature a ...

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We have a newsletter now!

Jeremy Short · August 13

You can get Pintwell in your inbox! How fantastic is that?!?! I am even using exclamation points!!! I know you are probably just as excited as I am. Okay, I take that back: you’re probably NOT as excited as I am. Either way, you should totally sign up. Just use the little form on the right of this or any post on Pintwell. Also, we promise not to overload your inbox. The newsletter will only come out once a month and it will let ...

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A year of using my Speidel Plastic Fermenter

Jeremy Short · July 16

I wrote a review for the Speidel Plastic Fermenter just over a year ago. At the time I had used it for just a couple of batches. Now I’ve had the thing for over a year and have fermented at least a  dozen batches in these carboys and I still think they are the best deal out there. Sure, if you are rolling in the dough you could drop a big wad of cash on a stainless steel conical, but I don’t have ...

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Tap Room Tour: TRVE Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 27

If there was ever a post that needed some sort of musical into, this would be it. Since I hate websites that just start playing sounds without warning, let’s just imagine a guitar playing absurdly fast in a dark deep minor chord. A man’s grim voice warns you of impending doom while the drummer slams the bass drum like the heartbeat of Satan. YOU HAVE ENTERED TRVE BREWING. And then there’s me sitting at the bar unconsciously head banging to the dark ...

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Tap Room Tour: Renegade Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 20

Another week, another brewery. This is my second visit to this week's brewery: Renegade Brewing. My first visit occurred long ago. I don’t know, maybe a couple years ago. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t a fan. Thin, watery, bland, nearly every beer I tried fit into one or all of those descriptions. Times change. Brewers master their brew houses. Beer gets better. Renegade won a bronze medal this year at GABF for their Hammer and Sickle Russian Imperial Stout. They ...

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Tap Room Tour: Black Shirt Brewing

Jeremy Short · June 11

Here is a brewery I've attempted to visit on three occasions and each time they were closed. Twice I arrived too early and once too late. This time I reviewed their hours over and over and determined it was safe to visit and voila they were open. Closing at 9 PM on a Saturday seems early, right? I did overhear a guest ask about the odd hours and the bartender had an interesting reply: "we want to be people's first drink, not their ...

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Tap Room Tour: Station 26 Brewing Co.

Jeremy Short · May 30

There are a few brewers in and around Denver. And by a few I mean a ton. Regretfully, I’ve only seen a few of them and haven’t had a chance to check out many of the new ones that have popped up here and there. That must be fixed! During the summer my day job lets up a bit so I plan to take advantage of those few extra free hours to go explore some these breweries. I am hoping to hit up ...

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