Jeremy Short

Jeremy likes beer. He likes it so much he made this blog to waste time writing about beer. He's a BJCP National Beer Judge and brews whenever his children allow him to (and when he has available keg space). You can talk to Jeremy by emailing him jeremy(a) or through @pintwell on Twitter. 

Last beer of 2013, Traquair Jacobite Ale

Jeremy Short · January 3

Sometimes you will crack open a bottle of beer and with that first sip you know that you have something special. That’s the case when you open a bottle of Traquair Jacobite Ale. This curious dark ale with coriander and fermented in oak barrels is outstanding. It doesn’t fit neatly into any given style and stands quite on it’s own. That an impressive feat for any beer.

This ale was first brewed in 1995 and is a sort of memorial to the ...

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Batemans XXXB

Jeremy Short · December 31

A classic pale ale, Batemans XXXB or Triple XB. I think saying each X is more fun than just saying Triple X. Maybe if I say XXX a lot in this post I’ll get more hits? Nah, probably not. This deep red bitter is just the thing to make you smile. With a rich and medium full body this is truly an Extra Special Bitter. This beer is similar to our second day beer the Denver local Chin Wag with it’s great big ...

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Guinness Time

Jeremy Short · December 30

Day Five went a bit off the planned course. I had mentioned in the last post that I had an English ale waiting for me in the fridge. Well instead I ended up at a bar with a fair tap selection and specials on pints of Guinness. Hmmm, I knew I would be in the bar for a few hours and the savings on a beer special was too appealing to ignore. Plus, I have a special place in my beer heart for this beer ...

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Sailing the bitter seas with Burton Bridge Empire Pale Ale

Jeremy Short · December 29

Day four of these beer tasting we have a bit of a hop theme going on with Burton Bridge Brewery’s Empire Pale Ale. Unlike the creepy eye’s of Dry Dock’s IPA we have a pair of the Queen’s men sharing a refreshing brew. How cheery! I think they’re ready to battle the beast of the Dry Dock can.

What's great about this beer is that it comes from Burton-Upon-Trent, the birthplace of the pale ale. Coming from the birthplace ...

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A Pint of Chin Wag

Jeremy Short · December 28

Day three’s beer was a bit of a rush. A long road trip later in the evening doesn't lend itself to any sort of beer exploration. With that I found a local ESB to enjoy with lunch, Hogshead’s Chin Wag. Describing this ESB on their website Hogshead says: caution, one too many may cause you to talk Shite. Now 'some marketing I can get behind.

As you can see from the picture above, Chin Wag has a deep rich red color with ...

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Fear the Cloudy Waters of Dry Dock’s Hop Abomination

Jeremy Short · December 27

For day two of my Christmastide beers I cracked open a can of Dry Dock’s Hop Abomination. Check out how creepy those eyes are in the swirling green sea. Seriously, what's up with the marketing for this beer? The spooky ghost like eyes are not calling you over for a tasty beverage. More likely this beer appears to be plotting my demise! Also, Abomination? Really? Google gives this definitions for the word abomination as: a thing that causes disgust or hatred. Don't ...

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Christmas Day Beer, Paulaner Premium Lager

Jeremy Short · December 26

I was recently reading Peter Estaniel’s BetterBeerBlog where he annually does his 12 Beers of Christmas which I think is a great concept. And then I thought, I am totally going to steal that idea. So starting with Christmas day I’ll have a different beer a day and give a little write up the following day. Not so much a review per se but a way to celebrate Christmastide and the amazing drink we call beer.

Christmas Day Beer, Paulaner Premium Lager

This ...

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What to do when you have a stuck mash

Jeremy Short · December 11

You just spent $50 on ingredients and you've been mashing your grains for an hour then you go to separate out your wort and ... what the ... holy hell the wort isn't coming out. What do I do? Help! Oh, man, this was going to be the best pale ale ever! Don't worry, yet. I've been stranded with a stuck mash a few times. It's the worst damn thing to happen on a brew day. So far I've been able ...

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Why does my beer taste like apples?

Jeremy Short · December 11

If you've just cracked open a homebrew and find that it has a green apple flavor you've probably have acetaldehyde. Unless, of course, you added apples or apple juice to your beer. But then you probably wouldn't be here wondering where that strange flavor came from. Other flavor descriptions of acetaldehyde include freshly cut pumpkin, cut grass, and green leaves, personally it reminds me of green Jolly Ranchers. In large quantities it really jumps out at you and makes you say, "what ...

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How to control mouthfeel in your homebrew

Jeremy Short · November 27

Have you recently received some feedback on your homebrew that said: needs more body, high astringency, or too hot? And now you are wondering hot to fix that? Well here you go. A whole post about the exciting world of mouthfeel. First, if you need a refresher on what mouth feel is check out this post. Got it? Cool. Let’s move on to how to manipulate the different aspect of mouthfeel in your beer.

Oh wait, there’s one other thing to consider before ...

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What does mouthfeel mean?

Jeremy Short · November 6

Maybe you've read a beer review on some site and ran into the phrase mouthfeel and thought wow that sounds gross. Well that's what I thought. What a weird phrase, right? I assumed it simply meant what a beer feels like in your mouth. It feels like liquid! That seems like a silly thing to rate a beer on.

The short answer to what is mouthfeel: Yeah, it really does just mean what the beer feels like in your mouth.

Why should you ...

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