Review Policy & Disclosures

When I first started blogging I had no idea how many people would reach out to get stuff posted. I just figured people would read the thing and move on. We receive a lot of random request. Some are silly and some are cool. Here are our general policies about product reviews, products we receive from companies, and general disclosures.

About Reviews
We ONLY recommend products that we like and USE. You will never find a recommendation for a product on this site that author doesn’t stand behind. The vast majority of reviews found on were purchased buy the authors and not received freely. If an item was given to the author for free we will disclose it in the review.

Want to send us free stuff?
We are more than happy to accept items and provide honest feedback in a review. If you are interested, please contact jeremy (a) We will do our best to review all items but cannot guarantee it. More importantly, we do not guarantee that our review will be positive (however, if you have a top-quality product you should be confident in that product!). Pintwell readers demand reliable and valuable information, so that’s what we give them.

Sponsored/Guest Posts
We do not accept guest/sponsored posts at and encourage you to look elsewhere for that. We only post content relevant to our readers and we’re not here to just add links to your site.

What’s up with the ads? is a member of Google Adsense. There are a few banner ads scattered throughout the site. You click on one and we get a little money. It isn’t a lot and 100% of it goes towards hostings cost. At this time, 99.9% of the hosting costs just comes out of our wallet, but maybe one day these ads will cover that fee. So, if an ad is relevant, please click! It will help keep the site going.

Affiliate Links
The other way we make a little change is through Affiliate links. is a member both of Amazon’s and MoreBeer’s affiliate programs. At this time, just like with the ads, this doesn’t add up to a bunch of money, but it does help fund operating costs.